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Bithumb Designates Velo Protocol's VELO as Investment Cautionary Cryptocurrency
Bithumb designates Velo Protocol's VELO a cautionary cryptocurrency over transparency concerns, halting deposits starting 2/22. Bithumb to reevaluate status in March.
Demystifying the World of Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Investments
Cryptocurrency exchanges revolutionize digital finance by offering services like futures trading, staking, and savings accounts, with potential AI and machine learning integrations. They provide a seamless user experience.
South Korea Probes OKX for Unregistered Operations
South Korean financial authorities are investigating OKX, a cryptocurrency exchange, for potentially operating without proper registration, following allegations from the Digital Asset Exchange Association.
FTX's Restructuring Plan: Aiming for Full Customer Repayment Without Relaunching Exchange
FTX aims to fully reimburse its customers and creditors as part of its restructuring plan. This approach, focusing on repayment without relaunching the exchange, is based on valuations of assets as of November 2022, drawing mixed reactions from the crypto community.
Binance Initiates Stake Reduction in South Korean Exchange Gopax to Comply with Regulatory Norms
Binance plans to reduce its majority stake in South Korean crypto exchange Gopax to address regulatory compliance issues, following its acquisition in early 2023.
Hong Kong Sets 50% Insurance Mandate for Crypto Exchanges
Hong Kong's SFC mandates 50% insurance coverage for licensed crypto exchanges, with OSL and HashKey Exchange leading compliance by securing extensive insurance policies for customer asset protection.
ACE Exchange President Michael Wang Arrested
Michael Wang, President of ACE Exchange, was recently arrested on charges of fraud and money laundering, marking a significant event in the cryptocurrency industry.
OKX Faces Allegations of Restrictive Practices in ICE Coin Listing
OKX, a leading crypto exchange, faces allegations of unfair trading practices following its listing of the ICE coin. Despite technological advancements and a growing global presence, these accusations put the company's commitment to transparency and user trust to the test.
HashKey Exchange and Animoca Brands Unite to Boost Web3 in Asia
HashKey Exchange partners with Animoca Brands to foster Web3 and digital entertainment in Asia, leveraging their strengths in virtual assets and blockchain gaming.
Former Bithumb Chairman Lee Jung-Hoon Acquitted in $100M Fraud Case
Lee Jung-Hoon, former chairman of Bithumb, has been acquitted in a $100 million fraud case related to the non-listing of the BXA token, highlighting challenges in crypto industry legal cases.

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