Kraken is a US-based crypto exchange founded in 2011 that provides crypto to fiat trading pairs.

Kraken Fights IRS Over Customer Information
Kraken is contesting the United States Internal Revenue Service's demand for critical exchange user information, citing it as an "unjustified treasure hunt." Kraken has requested federal court intervention, pointing out that the IRS has gone "far beyond" its intrusive summons. The fight against IRS is Kraken's response to the agency's February summons, which demanded additional user information to identify Kraken accounts that did at least $20,000 of cryptocurrency trading in any single year between 2016 and 2020.
Kraken Irish Subsidiary Awarded VASP Authorization by Central Bank of Ireland
Payward Europe Solutions, Kraken's Irish subsidiary, has been granted VASP authorization by the Central Bank of Ireland. This authorization comes at a critical time as the EU is set to vote on the MiCA regulation, which requires all companies operating as a crypto assets service provider in the EU to register with an authorized regulator.
Kraken Halts ACH Deposits and Withdrawals via Silvergate
Kraken has notified its users that it will no longer support ACH deposits and withdrawals via Silvergate starting from March 27, citing difficulties with the automated clearing house. Kraken has advised its users to use alternative funding options until ACH funding is available again.
What the U.S. Congress Decides on Crypto Will Ultimately Overstepping their authority
Jake Chervinsky, the Blockchain Association's chief policy officer, criticized the SEC's enforcement-based regulation and urged Congress to regulate the sector.
Coinbase Executives Stand Up for Crypto Staking Services
Crypto trading Coinbase officials deny its crypto staking services are securities.
SEC Chair Gary Gensler Warns Crypto Companies
Kraken agreed to shut down its U.S. staking services and initiatives, but SEC chair Gary Gensler advised other businesses to “come in and respect the law.”
Kraken Agrees to Cease Staking Services for U.S. Clients
Kraken settled with the SEC by ending its staking program and paying $30 million in disgorgement, prejudgment interest, and civil penalties.
Kraken Closes Abu Dhabi Office
Less than a year after receiving regulatory licence to operate in Abu Dhabi's international financial hub and worldwide market, Kraken is departing.
Coinbase Leaves Japan After Trade Collapse
Coinbase announced its Japan exit on Jan. 18. Customers have a month to remove money and crypto from the site. After February 17, Coinbase Japan users' crypto holdings will be automatically converted to yen (JPY). From Jan. 20, fiat currency deposits are unavailable.
Kraken Leaves Japan Again, Citing A Poor Crypto Market.
Kraken plans to leave Japan and deregister with the Financial Services Agency by January 31, 2023. Payward Asia Inc. runs Kraken's Japanese exchange. All impacted consumers may withdraw cash from the exchange before January 31.

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