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Also Known for: Deep Swap, Deepswap AI

  • Updated:2/24/2024
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Deepswap Overview

Deepswap is an online artificial intelligence platform that provides powerful face swapping and editing tools. It utilizes advanced deep learning algorithms to seamlessly swap faces in videos, photos, and GIFs or edit faces by enhancing images, removing backgrounds, or cartoonizing photos.

Key Features of Deepswap

  • Seamless face swapping in videos, photos, and GIFs
  • Face editor to enhance, remove background, or cartoonize photos
  • Gender swap face editing
  • Multiple face editing in one photo or video
  • Realistic face swapping based on AI and deep learning
  • Online platform accessible on web and mobile
  • User-friendly interface

Why Deepswap?

Deepswap provides easy-to-use yet powerful AI-based face swapping and editing tools that were previously only accessible to professionals. With Deepswap, anyone can seamlessly swap faces or creatively edit faces in photos and videos within seconds.

It utilizes advanced deep learning algorithms to analyze facial features and expressions, resulting in incredibly realistic face swaps. The processing is all done online, eliminating the need to download any software.

Deepswap opens up new creative possibilities for both professionals and amateurs alike. The AI face swapping technology has many practical applications as well as being a fun way to create unique, shareable content.

Tools, Products or Services of Deepswap

Deepswap offers the following main products and services:

  • Video Face Swapper- Seamlessly swap faces in any video with Deepswap AI algorithms. Useful for creating comedy sketches, movie cast face swaps, gender swaps, and more.
  • Photo Face Swapper- Instantly face swap a still image and generate a new high-quality photo. Great for creating fun shared images.
  • GIF Face Swapper- Swap faces in animated GIFs to create viral memes and gags. Works for Live Photos too.
  • Face Editor- Enhance facial features, remove background, or cartoonize a portrait photo.
  • Online Platform- 100% online face swapping service accessible via web browser or mobile app. No complex software downloads needed.

How to Use Deepswap?

Deepswap is very easy to use. The basic workflow is:

  1. Upload a video, photo, animated GIF or Live Photo.
  2. Select the face you want to swap or edit.
  3. Choose a target face from Deepswap's media library or upload your own image.
  4. Let Deepswap's AI algorithms work their magic and render the results.
  5. Download the resulting video, photo, GIF with the swapped or edited face.

The advanced artificial intelligence handles the intricacies of mapping the target face onto the original media, handling gestures, expressions, angles, lighting, and other complex factors to create a realistic end result.


Key functionality that Deepswap provides includes:

  • Seamless Face Swapping- Deepswap can realistically swap multiple faces in a single video, photo, Live Photo or GIF.
  • Face Enhancement- Improve resolution, lighting, and details of any portrait photo.
  • Background Removal- Instantly remove and make transparent the background in any image.
  • Photo Cartoonization- Convert a photo into a cartoon, comic or anime style image.
  • Gender Swapping- Seamlessly transform a male face to female or vice versa.
  • Multiple Face Editing- Edit several faces in a group photo or video at once.

What You Can Do with Deepswap

Here are some example use cases and possibilities with Deepswap:

  • Comedy videos - face swap yourself or friends into movies, TV shows, memes
  • Print media satire - celebrity face swaps onto politicians, public figures
  • Viral content creation - swap faces into pop culture GIFs and images
  • Privacy protection - anonymize faces in photos and videos by swapping them
  • Movie cast face swaps - imagined castings of franchises, genres, or characters
  • Enhanced profile photos - improve facial features and backgrounds
  • Creative cartoonized portraits - convert photos into fun cartoon styles
  • Gender swap experimentation - explore face swapping gender identities

Support and Integrations

Deepswap is accessible on the web via desktop browsers. It also has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices to provide on-the-go face swapping and editing.

Uploaded videos, photos and GIFs can be downloaded and exported for use anywhere. Deep-swapped faces can be shared instantly on all major social platforms.

Deepswap has public APIs available for developers and partners to integrate its AI face swapping and editing technology into third-party apps and services.

How Does Deepswap Work?

Deepswap utilizes state-of-the-art generative adversarial networks (GANs) and deep learning techniques to achieve seamless face swapping and editing.

Uploaded source videos, photos or GIFs are analyzed by Deepswap's algorithms to detect faces and facial expressions. The selected target face is then mapped onto the original face in the media, taking care to adapt angles, lighting, gestures and more to create a realistic composite.

Deep neural networks ensure natural skin blending, accurate face shapes, lifelike blinking and reactions. The resulting images and videos appear incredibly organic and seamless.

All processing is handled in the cloud leveraging powerful GPUs. Users simply need to upload media, select editing options, and download the resulting creations.

Who is Deepswap For?

Deepswap appeals to a wide range of personal and professional users:

  • Videographers
  • Social media influencers and content creators
  • Marketers
  • Educators
  • Researchers
  • Entertainers and satirists
  • Modeling agencies
  • Everyday consumers looking for fun, engaging apps

Its user-friendly interface makes advanced AI face swapping accessible to anyone looking to get creative with photos, videos, GIFs and more.

Plan and Pricing

Deepswap offers both free and paid subscription plans:

  • Free Plan- Users can make limited face swaps and edits per month with watermarks on exports. Best for trying out the platform.
  • Premium Monthly- $8.99 per month. Increased face swap and edit quotas. No watermarks on exports.
  • Premium Annual- $47.99 per year (save $71 vs monthly plans). Unlimited face swaps and edits. No watermarks or ads.

Premium subscriptions unlock better output quality, more swap combinations per image/video, faster processing speeds, and other benefits. One subscription covers use across web, iOS and Android apps.

Privacy, Security and Ethics

Deepswap does not collect or retain any user-uploaded original videos, photos, GIFs or facial data according to its privacy policy. All processing is done locally on users' devices leveraging on-device machine learning models.

However, like any powerful technology, Deepswap face swapping abilities also carry potential risks if misused. Users should carefully consider issues like impersonation, misinformation, and consent when creating and sharing deepfakes.

Resources and Useful Links


Is Deepswap free to use?

Yes, free accounts can do limited face swaps and edits per month. Paid subscriptions unlock more capabilities.

Is it safe to upload my photos?

Deepswap's privacy policy states that no original user photos or videos are retained. All processing is done locally on users' devices.

How realistic are the face swaps?

The AI algorithms enable incredibly seamless, natural face swaps. Results often appear indistinguishable from reality.

Can Deepswap swap faces in any video?

Yes, the platform supports swapping faces in any standard video format like MP4 as long as faces are clearly visible.


Deepswap provides accessible, user-friendly access to the same professional-grade face swapping and editing technology used by Hollywood studios. It opens up new creative possibilities for both professionals and amateurs alike.

The seamless, realistic face swaps and edits generated by Deepswap's AI algorithms are impressive and highly engaging. As the technology continues advancing, Deepswap promises to push the boundaries even further in terms of realism and capabilities.

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