Binance is one of the world's leading cryptocurrency Exchanges.

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Binance Launches Premier Platform for VIP Users and Institutional Investors
Binance has launched a new trading platform solution for VIP and Institutional clients to allow them to easily execute digital assets trades and capture market opportunities more effectively.
Bailout Might Not the Best Option for Saving Poor Crypto Projects, Says CZ
Binance boss Changpeng Zhao (CZ) said not all firms are meant to be saved, and he implied that this current economic meltdown that has rubbed off on the crypto industry is just a way to expose the firms without concrete business models.
Cristiano Ronaldo to Bring his Fans into Web3.0 through Binance Partnership
Binance exchange has signed Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese footballing legend who now plays for Manchester United FC in an exclusive multi-year deal.
Binance Exchange Stacks Bitcoin as Prices Fall Below $20,000
Binance cryptocurrency exchange, unlike any other may be taking advantage of the current market crash to top its Bitcoin (BTC) bag
Kraken to Trail Binance in Hiring Over 500 Staffs Amid Crypto Meltdown
Kraken exchange has made a very bold revelation that it does not intend to make any layoffs despite the growing concerns about the ongoing crypto-economic meltdown
Binance Looks to Hire 2,000 New Staff
Binance exchange is arguably living up to its ranking as the biggest digital currency trading platform in the world as it has unveiled its plans to hire as many as 2000 new workers despite the current financial market meltdown
Binance.US Sued for Selling Unregistered LUNA Securities
Binance.US has been sued in a class-action lawsuit for the sale of unregistered security tokens from the Terra blockchain protocol.
Binance Debunks Claims Exchange Aided Money Laundering
Crypto exchange Binance denied all allegations of facilitating around $2.4 billion in illicit funds from world-acclaimed criminal organizations like Lazarus Group and Hydra.
Vietnam Blockchain Association Signs Strategic Partnership with Binance To Drive Blockchain Innovation
The Vietnam Blockchain Association and Binance will collaborate on developing innovation for the local blockchain ecosystem.
PancakeSwap’s Native Token Once Surged by Nearly 10% after Binance Labs Sets Foot in Ecosystem
After Binance Labs established a strategic investment in PancakeSwap, the network’s utility and governance token, CAKE, has once soared by nearly 10%.

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