Binance is one of the world's leading cryptocurrency Exchanges.

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Binance employs Trump audit company to check crypto reserves
Mazars audits Binance's proof-of-reserve (PoR). Mazars' U.S. branch was Donald Trump's longstanding accounting firm. The accounting company is apparently evaluating all of Binance's publicly posted Bitcoin PoR information and will validate future upgrades and tokens.
Genesis rejects bankruptcy plans
Genesis, a cryptocurrency loan startup, has denied reports that it is contemplating a "imminent" bankruptcy case. According to reports, the company had difficulty acquiring funds for its lending section and informed investors that it would have to declare bankruptcy. Genesis said on November 16 that withdrawals had been temporarily halted due to "unprecedented market turmoil" after FTX's demise.
Trust Wallet connects Binance Pay and Coinbase Pay
Trust Wallet launched its browser extension, now available in Chrome and Opera browsers. The extension lets users store, send and receive crypto across all EVM chains and Solana networks. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao publicly endorsed Trust Wallet, stating "self-custody is a fundamental human right".
Binance CEO Says the Industry has been Setback a Few Years With FTX Saga
The collapse of FTX, according to Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao has set the industry back by a few years
FTX to Have Its European Operating License Suspended
Following its turmoil, the FTX’s European license is now said to be soon suspended by Cyprus regulators, according to a report.
Binance Publishes Details of Holdings in its Hot Wallet
Binance has posted a snapshot of its hot wallet reserve to lead the exchange's transparency push
Binance Bails Out From FTX Takeover Deal
Binance on Twitter announced the crypto exchange has ended the acquisition plan because, among other reasons, FTX has mishandled customer funds.
Billions of Dollars Exit Exchanges as Investors Scuttle Towards Safety
Investors are withdrawing their funds from exchanges amid the FTX implosion
Crypto Market Cap Slumps Below $900B for the First Time Since Jan 2021
The downfall of FTX has stirred a slump in the combined crypto market cap below $900B
FTX Downfall Leaves Crypto Market in FUD Sentiment
FTX native token FTT has fallen 71.6%, CoinGecko showed, and the firm's net crypto asset holdings have plunged 83% in just the past two days, making SBF's total assets lose an estimated $14.6 billion – nearly 94% of his total wealth.

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