What is DeFi?
Decentralized Finance, DeFi as a concept is to be able to offer almost all the financial services available with legacy and centralized institutions, typically banks, but on the blockchain. Whatever traditional services financial institutions provide can be expected to be offered through DeFi. In short, Defi is blockchain-based financial services that traditional financial services map into, creating new services or derivatives stemming from blockchain's unique features. Although we have had concepts like distributed computing and decentralized computing for decades, DeFi is in fact a new concept and an expansion of the application scope of blockchain as infrastructure.

dYdX Founder Foresees 100x Growth in DeFi Derivatives
Antonio Juliano, founder of dYdX, predicts DeFi derivatives will grow 100x in the next few years, accounting for 2% of crypto derivative volume. This optimistic projection highlights the potential for investors and traders.
Cardano ADA Ecosystem Q2 2023: DeFi Growth, Stablecoins, and NFT Trends
Cardano's Q2 2023 report by Messari highlights 34.9% stablecoin growth, DeFi expansion, and NFT trends, with promising developments in scaling solutions.
Japan Blockchain Association Proposes Cryptocurrency Tax Reforms to Government
The Japan Blockchain Association (JBA), led by Representative Director Yuji Kano of bitFlyer, submitted a proposal for cryptocurrency tax reforms to the government on July 28, 2023.
Fireblocks Integrates Astar Network, Boosting Secure DeFi Access for Institutions
Fireblocks has now incorporated Astar Network. With the new integration, over 650 banks and financial institutions can now tap into Astar's thriving DeFi ecosystem, as well as trade, swap, and lend digital assets on Astar via Fireblocks.
Aave Outpaces Market with 9% Growth in Q2 2023, Launches GHO Stablecoin
ave's Q2 2023 report shows a 9% growth in total value supplied, outpacing the market. Key developments include the launch of GHO stablecoin, a rise in stETH deposits, and the anticipated release of Portals.
140 Million Users and 600 Tokens: Binance Celebrates 6th Anniversary
The largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance recently celebrated its 6th anniversary. The platform, which started as a crypto-to-crypto exchange with 5 tokens in 2 languages, now supports over 600 tokens in more than 40 languages, serving over 140 million users globally.
PwC Report: Asian Institutional Investors Opt for Third-Party Custody Solutions for Digital Assets
A joint report by Aspen Digital and PwC titled "State of Digital Asset Custody - Understanding and implementing digital asset custody for institutional investors" reveals a rising demand for institutional-grade digital asset custody solutions among family offices, high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), and external asset managers (EAMs) in Asia.
185 Blockchain Hacking Incidents with $920M Loss Reported by SlowMist in First Half of 2023
SlowMist, a renowned blockchain security firm, has recently published its mid-2023 report on Blockchain Security and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). The report offers a comprehensive overview of the current global landscape of blockchain security and AML developments.
Compound Founder's New Venture Superstate To Bridge Traditional and Blockchain Finance
Compound's Founder and CEO, Robert Leshner, has announced the launch of a new venture, Superstate (@superstatefunds). "Superstate's mission is to create regulated financial products that bridge traditional markets & blockchain ecosystems," said Leshner, signaling a significant shift in the financial industry.
CITD to Issue HK$100 Million Bonds Utilizing Blockchain
China Information Technology Development Limited (CITD) (HKEX: 8178), a leading technology company specializing in AI and cloud technologies, has announced its plan to issue HK$100 million worth of Bonds using distributed ledger technology (DLT). The proposed issuance aims to revolutionize the bond market by leveraging blockchain and smart contract technologies.

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