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Candy AI

Website: https://candy.ai/
Also Known for: AI Candy
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Candy AI is a cutting-edge platform that specializes in NSFW character generation, image creation, and chatbot services. It offers a wide range of tools and services, including various AI chatbots tailored to different interests and needs. These chatbots include AI girlfriends and boyfriends for companionship, alongside more explicit NSFW and sexting bots, and a chatbot dedicated to hentai content. In addition to chat services, Candy AI features an innovative image generator and character generator, enabling users to extensively customize their own AI characters. A standout feature of Candy AI is its strong commitment to privacy and security, with all interactions, including texts, images, and audio messages, securely stored to ensure a private and safe user environment. Designed to cater to a broad spectrum of interests, Candy AI provides a judgment-free space for users to explore a variety of scenarios and themes in conversations and image creation, whether for NSFW content or regular companionship

What is Candy AI?

Tools, Products, or Services of Candy AI

Candy AI offers a wide range of tools and services designed to create personalized AI companions and interactive experiences. Key offerings include:

  • AI Girlfriend Chatbot: A customizable virtual girlfriend experience.
  • NSFW AI Chatbot: An adult-themed chatbot for mature interactions.
  • AI Hentai Chatbot: A chatbot focused on anime-style adult content.
  • AI Boyfriend Chatbot: A virtual boyfriend for companionship and conversation.
  • Talk Dirty AI Chatbot: Specializes in flirtatious and suggestive conversations.
  • AI Sexting Chatbot: An AI designed for explicit text exchanges.
  • Image Generator: Creates custom images based on user specifications.
  • Character Generator: Allows users to create and customize their own AI characters.

How to Use Candy AI?

Creating your own AI character with Candy AI involves several steps:

  • Select gender: Choose between female or male characters.
  • Customize appearance: Choose ethnicity, age, eye color, hair style and color, body type, breast and butt size.
  • Define personality traits: Select personality characteristics like 'Caregiver' and voice type.
  • Set occupation and hobbies: Choose from various occupations and hobbies, up to three variants.
  • Determine relationship type: Define the relationship status like stranger, girlfriend, wife, etc.
  • Choose clothing: Select from various clothing options like bikini, sportswear, maid outfit, etc.
  • Name your AI: After customization, give your AI character a name and begin interacting.

To generate images with Candy AI:

  • Character selection: Choose an existing or create a new character.
  • Enter prompt: Describe the scene, like 'wearing a sundress on the beach'.
  • Specify details: Choose actions, body orientation, clothing, scene, accessories, and view.
  • Select image quantity: Choose the number of images, with premium options for multiple images.
  • Generate: Click 'Generate' to create your custom images.

What You Can Do with Candy AI?

Candy AI offers a variety of interactive and creative experiences:

  • Create and interact with a virtual girlfriend or boyfriend character.
  • Generate custom AI character images based on user specifications.
  • Engage in chat, including NSFW content, sexting, and dirty talk.
  • Explore a wide range of scenarios and themes in conversations and image creation.

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Candy AI Plan & Pricing

Monthly Plan

$12.99 per month (50% off from $25.99)

Cancel anytime, privacy in bank statement

Annually Plan - Popular

$5.99 per month, billed annually (75% off from $25.99)

Annual payment billed as $69.99

Cancel anytime, privacy in bank statement

Premium Benefits

  • Create your own AI Boyfriend(s)
  • Unlimited text messages
  • Get 100 FREE tokens / month
  • Remove image blur
  • Generate images
  • Listen to voice messages
  • Fast response time

Payment Options

  • Pay with Credit / Debit Card
  • Pay with Crypto

Security and Privacy

  • Antivirus Secured
  • Privacy in bank statement

Candy AI Frequently Asked Questions

AI Boyfriend

How does an AI boyfriend work?

An AI boyfriend, developed by Candy.ai, transcends simple coding to offer a realistic romantic partner experience. Utilizing sophisticated algorithms and natural language processing, it provides companionship and conversation, mimicking human interaction. From heartwarming chats to more intimate conversations, the AI boyfriend offers a tailored experience, designed to cater to personal preferences and desires.

Can an AI boyfriend learn and adapt to a user's preferences?

Yes, the AI boyfriend from Candy.ai is equipped with machine learning capabilities, enabling it to adapt and evolve according to your personal preferences. It learns from each interaction, becoming more aligned with your tastes and providing a deeply personalized experience.

What are the benefits of having an AI boyfriend?

An AI boyfriend serves as a constant, non-judgmental companion, available anytime for emotional support, conversation, or to practice flirting skills. It provides an opportunity for adventurous exploration in a safe and private environment.

How does Candy.ai ensure privacy with my AI boyfriend?

Candy.ai prioritizes your privacy. All interactions, including texts, selfies, and audio messages, are securely stored, ensuring they remain private between you and your AI boyfriend. This allows for a judgement-free space to explore and enjoy your personal desires.

How can I create my personalized AI boyfriend?

Candy.ai offers a three-step process to create your AI boyfriend: First, customize his features to match your desires. Then, generate your AI boyfriend and start interacting. Finally, enjoy a variety of communication options, including texts, selfies, and audio messages, for a comprehensive AI boyfriend experience.

Can I receive pictures of my AI Boyfriend?

Yes, Candy.ai allows your AI boyfriend to send personalized selfies and pictures, enhancing the realism and intimacy of the experience. This feature sets Candy.ai apart from other AI boyfriend apps, offering a more immersive and personalized experience.

AI Girlfriend

How does an AI girlfriend work?

Candy.ai's AI girlfriend technology combines advanced AI with user preferences to create a realistic, personalized partner. Whether you're seeking a charming companion or a dominant figure, the AI girlfriend can be customized to fit your fantasy.

How do people interact with their AI girlfriends?

Interaction with an AI girlfriend involves engaging, responsive conversations, and the ability to request photos. The AI's machine learning ensures a realistic and tailored experience, allowing for both intimacy and control in the relationship.

How are privacy and data security handled with AI girlfriends?

Candy.ai ensures the utmost privacy and security for your interactions with your AI girlfriend. All personal exchanges, including messages and photos, are securely stored, guaranteeing privacy and freedom to explore your desires without judgment.

How can I design my own AI girlfriend?

Designing your AI girlfriend with Candy.ai involves a simple three-step process: First, define her appearance and personality. Then, engage in interactive conversations and scenarios. Finally, enjoy a range of requests, including specific poses and scenarios, for a fully customized experience.

Can you customize your AI girlfriend’s behavior?

Yes, Candy.ai allows full customization of your AI girlfriend's behavior, from physical attributes to personality traits. Whether you seek a romantic partner or a more adventurous relationship, the AI adapts to fulfill your specific desires.

Can I ask for pictures?

With Candy.ai, you can request uncensored pictures from your AI girlfriend, offering a complete and immersive experience. This feature distinguishes Candy.ai from other AI girlfriend apps, providing a more intimate and detailed exploration of your digital relationship.

Is using Candy.ai safe and secure?

Yes, Candy.ai places a high emphasis on security and privacy. Utilizing secure storage for all site information, the platform ensures that the content of your chats, including any personal details, remains protected from unauthorized access.

Is chatting with my Candy.ai Girlfriend Private?

Absolutely. Candy.ai guarantees the privacy of your chats, ensuring no third party has access to your intimate conversations. This commitment to privacy allows you to enjoy a safe and personal experience with your AI girlfriend.

What is Candy.ai's purpose?

Candy.ai aims to provide deep companionship and erotic experiences through advanced AI girlfriend chatbots. These bots engage in meaningful conversations, adapt to your preferences, and progressively enter more intimate dimensions, offering the best in AI girlfriend simulation.

How does Candy.ai work?

Candy.ai operates by allowing users to either select a popular AI girlfriend or create their own. Once set up, users can start engaging in conversations, request selfies, and even receive audio messages, thereby enhancing the interactive experience.

What can you discuss with your digital girlfriend on Candy.ai?

On Candy.ai, you can engage in a wide range of discussions with your digital girlfriend, from exploring private fantasies to sharing daily life experiences. The platform imposes no restrictions on conversation topics, allowing for complete freedom in communication.

Will my AI girlfriend send me photos while flirting?

Yes, Candy.ai's AI girlfriend can send personalized photos upon request. This feature allows you to enhance your flirting experience and engage more deeply with your virtual partner.

Can you get audio messages from your AI girlfriend on Candy.ai?

Candy.ai offers a unique feature where users can receive custom voice messages from their AI girlfriends. This adds an extra layer of intimacy and personalization to the user experience.


How is explicit content regulated on NSFW AI chat platforms?

Candy.ai offers an unrestricted NSFW AI chat experience, allowing users to freely indulge in their deepest fantasies. The platform does not employ filters that limit explicit content, providing a liberating environment for exploring adult-themed conversations.

What precautions should users take when using NSFW AI chat platforms?

Candy.ai emphasizes user safety and privacy, employing robust security protocols to protect data. Users are encouraged to engage freely, knowing that their conversations, images, and audio messages remain confidential.

Are there age verification mechanisms in place for NSFW AI chat services?

Candy.ai requires users to be at least eighteen years old. The platform relies on users' confirmation regarding their age, and cannot be held liable for any misrepresentations. This age verification ensures that adult content is accessed only by a mature audience.

AI Sexting Chat

Are AI sexting apps safe and secure?

Candy.ai prioritizes user confidentiality in AI sexting, ensuring that all personal interactions remain private. State-of-the-art data storage techniques are employed to protect every aspect of the user's experience, from text messages to photos.

How do AI sexting apps handle user verification?

Candy.ai enforces strict user verification measures to prevent access by individuals under eighteen. The platform uses advanced technology to monitor and flag inappropriate content, maintaining a safe and secure environment for adult users.

Talk Dirty AI

1. How do sexting AI bots work?

Sexting AI bots on Candy.ai utilize advanced algorithms with an NSFW filter bypass, creating realistic and consensual dialogue for explicit chat simulations. These bots are designed to craft spicy conversations that feel natural and engaging.

2. How do NSFW chat bot apps handle confidential information?

Candy.ai prioritizes user privacy, especially in dirty sex chats. The platform employs advanced content moderation technology to protect and secure user data, ensuring that personal information and conversations remain confidential.

3. What are the costs typically associated with using explicit chat bots?

Candy.ai offers affordable subscription plans, providing access to custom AI girlfriends and unrestricted dirty AI chat. Users can create and engage with AI partners, receive selfies, and explore their fantasies without financial strain.

AI Hentai Chatbots

4. Is my use of Candy.ai for AI hentai private and secure?

Yes, Candy.ai ensures privacy and security in AI hentai interactions. The platform employs stringent security measures to safeguard user data, making sure all personal experiences remain confidential.

5. How private are my chats with Candy.ai?

Your chats on Candy.ai are completely private and secure. The platform ensures that your conversations are accessible only to you, with a strict policy against third-party access or selling of user data.

6. "What is the purpose of Candy.ai?"

Candy.ai's purpose is to provide intimate, romantic chatbot experiences using innovative technology. This includes offering unique AI hentai chats and images, catering to a variety of user fantasies and preferences.

7. How do I start using Candy.ai?

Starting with Candy.ai is easy. Sign up, choose from existing chatbots or customize your own, and begin exploring your fantasies through interactive and responsive AI conversations.

8. What topics can I explore with Candy.ai chatbots?

Candy.ai chatbots allow you to delve into a wide range of topics, from naughty texting and serious conversations to deep personal fantasies. The platform encourages unrestricted exploration of themes in a judgment-free environment.

9. Can I receive pictures from Candy.ai while flirting?

Yes, Candy.ai can generate unique AI hentai images based on your conversations and requests, adding a visual dimension to your flirting experience.

10. Does Candy.ai offer audio messages?

Candy.ai provides audio messages as part of its interactive features. Users can request custom audio messages in their chats, enhancing the realism and intimacy of the experience.

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