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  • Updated:3/3/2024
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Phind is an artificial intelligence-powered search engine that aims to provide high-quality answers to user queries. The web portal phind.com offers various features including search, chat, account sign-in, and documentation pages explaining the service.


The main search functionality allows users to enter queries and receive AI-generated answers drawing from relevant web results. Searches can be conducted via the homepage search bar or by navigating to phind.com/search. Users have the option to choose between different search modes and underlying AI models, including Phind's own model and GPT-4 for premium users. The Phind model offers unlimited queries while GPT-4 has higher token limits. Search features global shortcut hotkeys for convenience.


Phind Chat is a conversational mode that helps users work through coding projects start to finish. It maintains context across multiple queries and asks clarifying questions before searching the web or generating code. Chat is useful for large code samples where search may be less effective.


Users can create Phind accounts to access premium services. Registered users can sign in via the toolbar. Accounts enable advanced features depending on the plan tier. Phind Pro offers faster unlimited searches with the Phind model. Phind Plus grants access to GPT-4 with higher token limits.

Phind Pro Plans

Phind offers premium subscription plans to unlock additional capabilities:

  • Phind Pro - Faster unlimited searches with Phind model
  • Phind Plus - Access to GPT-4 model with higher token limits
Premium plans remove usage restrictions and ads.


Phind provides various tools to improve the user experience:

  • VS Code extension - Bring Phind directly into the code editor
  • Set as default search engine - Make Phind the default on major browsers
  • Mobile app - Add Phind to iOS/Android home screens for quick access
  • Hotkeys - Keyboard shortcuts for search box focus and queries
These tools aim to integrate Phind seamlessly into developers' workflows.


Phind offers documentation to educate users:

  • About - Provides an overview of Phind's mission and capabilities
  • Tutorial - Guides to search best practices and advanced features
  • Blog - Announcements of new models, features, and benchmarks
  • Privacy Policy - Phind does not sell user data
  • Terms of Service - Legal terms governing acceptable use
The documentation aims to explain Phind's offerings and guide users.


Phind was created by Cognition, Inc. and is based in Delaware, United States. The company focuses on AI search solutions using machine learning and neural networks. Users must comply with Phind's terms of service when using the platform. The privacy policy states that Phind does not associate searches with identifiable user data.


Phind uses proprietary natural language processing models and algorithms to understand queries and identify relevant web results. Models mentioned include:

  • Phind Model - Faster unlimited searches
  • CodeLlama-34B - Outperforms GPT-4 on coding
  • GPT-3.5 - Matches GPT-4 speed and quality
  • Phind-70B - Best performance of leading models
Phind benchmarks its models against competitors like GPT-4 and Google. The blog announces performance improvements and new models. Underlying technology aims to quickly provide high-quality AI-generated answers.

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