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  • Updated:3/3/2024
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Overview of Maroofy

Maroofy is a music discovery and recommendation website that helps users find new songs and artists based on their music tastes. The service allows users to search for songs, get recommended similar tracks, save favorites, and export playlists. Maroofy integrates with Apple Music to provide personalized recommendations, playlist creation, and other features for Apple Music subscribers.

Homepage and Main Features

The Maroofy homepage allows users to search for a song to get recommendations for similar music. Users can simply enter a song name or artist into the search bar to get started. The homepage also displays recent searches by the user as suggestions. The main features include:

  • Search for a song to get recommendations for tracks with similar vibes
  • Get personalized music recommendations for Apple Music subscribers
  • Save favorite songs and build playlists
  • Listen to song previews courtesy of iTunes

Search Results Pages

When searching for a specific song on Maroofy, the results page displays the song title, artist, album cover art, and a song preview if available. Users can listen to 30 second previews from iTunes to get a taste of the track. The page encourages users to create an account to access additional features like liking songs, downloading playlists, and using advanced audio search.

Logged in users see options to save songs to a Favorites page and to export playlists in CSV format. The results page promotes Maroofy Pro, a paid subscription plan that unlocks playlist exporting and other premium features.

Apple Music Integration

For Apple Music subscribers, Maroofy provides deep integration with Apple's streaming music service. Users can connect their Apple Music account to enable features like:

  • Personalized music recommendations based on Apple Music listening history and likes
  • Adding songs to the Apple Music library and creating playlists
  • Access to the full Apple Music catalog of over 90 million songs

Connecting an Apple Music account allows Maroofy to save songs directly in the user's Apple Music app and library for convenience. This gives Apple Music subscribers a customized recommendation and playlist creation experience.

Account Creation and Login

Maroofy allows users to register and create an account either with an email address and password or by connecting their Google account. Creating an account unlocks access to key features like:

  • Liking and disliking songs to personalize recommendations
  • Viewing and managing Favorites and search history
  • Downloading and exporting playlists as CSV files
  • Using advanced audio-based search filters

Users who forget their password can use the password reset option to recover access to their account. There is also an option to sign up for an account on the login page for new users.

Playlists and Favorites

Registered Maroofy users can save songs to playlists and mark favorites to easily find music they love. Playlists can be downloaded as CSV files to import into other music services. Favorites are automatically collected on the user's Favorites page along with recent searches and history.

For Apple Music subscribers, playlists are saved directly within the Apple Music library. Maroofy Pro members can also export playlists from Apple Music for use in other services.

Pricing Plans

Maroofy offers both a free plan and a premium subscription plan called Maroofy Pro. The free plan includes features like:

  • Searching for songs
  • Getting recommendations
  • Saving favorites
  • Viewing search history

Maroofy Pro provides additional benefits for a subscription fee of $6.99/month. Pro features include:

  • Exporting playlists as CSV files
  • Access to premium filters for audio search
  • Advanced integrations for Apple Music users

The pricing page allows users to compare the free and Pro plans and subscribe to unlock premium access.

Terms of Service and Legal

Maroofy's Terms of Service page outlines the policies, disclaimers, and legal information governing use of the service. Key details include:

  • Acknowledging trademarks and copyrights including Apple Music and iTunes
  • Requiring user consent to the Terms to use Maroofy
  • Disclaiming warranties and liability
  • Reserving the right to terminate accounts for violations

The Terms also provide contact information for questions, feedback, or other inquiries about the policies and service.

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