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Palette.fm is an innovative platform dedicated to colorizing black and white photos through artificial intelligence. Users can effortlessly upload their photos and see them transformed into color within mere seconds, thanks to the 21+ color filters offered by the platform. This user-friendly platform, trusted by over 2.4 million people, has garnered praise from the Photoshop expert PiXimperfect, who has acclaimed it as the "World's best AI to color B&W photos." The ease and quickness of use make Palette.fm a go-to solution for individuals looking to breathe color into monochrome images effortlessly​​.

Palette Plan & Pricing

General Information about Palette

How accurate is Palette's colorization?

Palette's colorization technology is acclaimed for its accuracy and detail, earning praise from users like Wired magazine's co-founder Kevin Kelly. While it doesn't guarantee exact reproduction of original colors, Palette excels in approximating natural skin tones and lighting conditions. Its sophisticated algorithm is akin to an intelligent artist, making data-driven estimations to bring grayscale images to life. The technology has garnered wide appreciation from various users, including genealogists and artists, for its ability to vibrantly restore old family photos and artistic works. Palette also offers customization features, allowing users to tailor the colorization results to their preference.

What sets Palette apart from other colorization services?

Palette stands out for its customization capabilities and precision in colorization. Unlike standard colorization services, Palette captures the mood and essence of the original scene, offering results that range from subtle spring hues to dramatic sunset tones. The user-friendly interface and dynamic colorization text editor enable users to achieve detailed and vibrant results. Its performance has been highly rated by professionals, including renowned photoshop expert Unmesh Dinda, and is the preferred choice for various industry professionals and major networks like BBC, The History Channel, and Netflix.

Pricing and Payment

How does Palette's credit system and payment structure work?

Palette operates on a credit-based system. Users can download low-resolution, watermarked images for free. For high-resolution, watermark-free images, users need to purchase credits. One credit equals one full-resolution photo without a watermark. Palette offers both single purchase rates and bulk discount options. The service also provides a subscription model with additional discounts. Accepted payment methods include major Credit Cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. For any payment-related inquiries, Palette encourages users to contact their support team.

How do I use my paid credits to remove watermarks and access high-resolution images on Palette?

To utilize paid credits for watermark-free, high-resolution images, users need to log in to Palette.fm, select their image, and choose the 'No Logo & HD' option. In case of login difficulties, Palette recommends checking email settings, browser compatibility, and ensuring the use of the email associated with the paid credits. For unresolved issues, users can create a new account with a Google gmail and request credit transfer by contacting Palette's support.

Usage and Compatibility

Are there any restrictions on image formats and resolutions when using Palette?

Palette supports PNG and JPEG image formats with specific resolution limits. For desktop users, the maximum resolution is up to 25 megapixels, while for mobile devices, it's up to 9 megapixels with HD credits. Free downloads are limited to 0.5 megapixels. In terms of browser compatibility, Safari is the only supported browser for iPhones and iPads, and Chrome for Android devices. For desktop computers, both Chrome and Safari are supported, with Safari offering the highest level of support.

What should I do if I encounter problems while using Palette?

If you face issues with downloading, logging in, or using the service, Palette provides a comprehensive troubleshooting guide. This includes checking download methods, browser settings, and ensuring you're using the correct email for login. If problems persist, Palette encourages users to contact their technical support with detailed information about their browser, operating system, and the specific issue for prompt assistance.

Downloading and Customization

How can I download images from Palette and where are they stored?

Downloading images from Palette varies based on the device. For iOS devices, use Safari and locate the files in the Files app. On Android, use Chrome and find the images in the 'Downloads' folder or 'Gallery'. For desktop users, images are saved in the Downloads folder. Palette provides both standard and HD download options, with additional steps for saving images manually if automatic download fails.

Can I adjust colors and make specific choices in the colorization process?

Yes, Palette offers customization options for colorization. Users can select filters, describe images using color-associated words, and use the intuitive interface to achieve the desired results. Higher quality images typically yield better colorization outcomes.

Usage Rights and Privacy

Can Palette's colorized results be used for commercial purposes?

Palette permits the use of its colorized images for both personal and commercial purposes without restrictions. While not mandatory, crediting Palette for the colorization is appreciated.

Will my personal information and images be protected when using Palette?

Palette prioritizes user privacy and security. All images are encrypted and permanently deleted after delivery. Users are encouraged to refer to Palette's privacy policy for detailed information.

Account Management and Support

What is a sign-in link (passwordless login / magic link) in Palette?

Palette's magic link sign-in offers a secure and convenient passwordless login option. Users receive an email with a unique link for direct account access. The link is one-time-use and expires after a period. This method enhances security by reducing the risks associated with password reuse.

How do subscriptions and one-time purchases compare in Palette?

Palette offers both subscription and one-time purchase options. Subscription credits are discounted but expire upon cancellation, while one-time purchases are valid for up to two years. Subscriptions are ideal for frequent use, whereas one-time purchases suit occasional users. Users can manage or cancel subscriptions directly on the website for convenience and timely processing.

What is Palette's policy on unused subscription credits and refunds?

Unused subscription credits in Palette roll over to the next month, with a limit of 5 times the monthly credit plan. For refunds, Palette offers a 14-day money-back guarantee under certain conditions. Users dissatisfied with their purchase can contact Palette's support for assistance. Note that outside the 14-day window, purchases are generally non-refundable.

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