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Dezgo is an AI tool that enables users to create images and videos from textual descriptions, making it a popular choice for designers, content creators, and artists. It uses Stable Diffusion 1.5 technology to create pristine, detailed, and distortion-free images. Dezgo offers various models, resolutions, and settings, including the Real-ESRGAN model, which doubles image clarity. The platform is praised for its speed, user-friendly interface, and ability to adapt visuals to align with specific text or swap sections based on dual text inputs. It also provides a fun and creative stimulation for users. Dezgo offers a free variant and a "Power Mode" on a pay-as-you-go basis. Its user-centric approach and advanced AI techniques revolutionize image generation online, allowing users to create with their imagination.

What is Dezgo?

Dezgo Tools, Products or Services

  • Text-to-Image XL Generator: Generate detailed images from descriptive text prompts.
  • Text-to-Image Generator: Create images directly from text inputs.
  • Controlled Text-to-Image Generator: Craft images with more control over the output, using text descriptions.
  • Image-to-Image Generator: Transform one image into another using AI-driven editing.
  • Image Upscaler: Enhance the resolution and clarity of images.
  • Inpainting from Text: Edit images by generating content to fill in or replace parts of an image, guided by text descriptions.
  • Image Editor from Text: Modify images based on text input, allowing for changes and adjustments as described.
  • Remove Background: Automatically remove the background from images.
  • Text-to-Video Generator[BETA]: A beta feature to create videos from text descriptions.

Key Features of Dezgo

  • No filters. You can generate NSFW images
  • Flexible Image Generation. Dezgo supports generating images from text and image.
  • You can also edit and upscale image. You can do background removing with Dezgo
  • Service Extension: You can create video from text prompt

How to use Dezgo?

How to use Dezgo?

Source: Dezgo

Using Dezgo is straightforward: choose the desired tool or service, upload your images or enter a text prompt, and let the AI do the work. Whether you're upscaling an image, removing a background, or generating new visuals from text, Dezgo's user-friendly platform guides you through each step for a seamless experience.

Below are parameters for generating high-resolution images from a text description

  • Prompt: Describe the desired outcome of the image in the provided text area.
  • Model: Select a model for image generation. For example, "JuggernautXL 5.0 (realistic)" for realistic image outputs.
  • Count: Specify the number of images to generate. The slider allows you to adjust the count.
  • Transparent Background: Toggle this option if you want the generated image to have a transparent background.
  • Resolution: Choose the resolution of the generated image. Options include Portrait, Square, Landscape, etc.
  • Refiner: Enable the refiner model for more detailed images. This option is available in Power Mode.
  • Negative Prompt: Describe elements you do not want to include in the generated image.
  • Guidance: Adjust the AI's adherence to the prompt. Higher values enforce stricter adherence, while lower values allow more creative freedom.
  • Steps: Set the number of sampling steps for image generation. More steps result in more detailed images.
  • Sampler: Select the sampling method used for generating the image. Options include Auto, etc.
  • Seed: Enter a unique number to use as a seed for image generation. This ensures reproducibility of the results.

Once all parameters are set, click the Run button to start the image generation process.

Who is Dezgo for?

Dezgo is for digital artists, designers, marketers, and anyone looking to leverage AI for creative or professional image manipulation. Whether you're looking to create unique visuals for a campaign, develop content for social media, or explore new artistic horizons, Dezgo's tools are designed to unlock your creative potential.

About Dezgo API

The Dezgo API is a powerful tool for developers and creatives, offering easy access to advanced AI-driven image generation and manipulation capabilities. Dezgo API has below key features.

  • Fast processing with datacenter-grade GPUs
  • Scalable architecture for handling multiple requests
  • Easy to use with no complex setup required
  • Access to over 90 pre-trained models
  • Customizable options to guide AI output
  • Pay-As-You-Go pricing model for cost efficiency

Dezgo Plan & Pricing

Power Mode: Exclusive Features for Dezgo Users

By funding your Dezgo account, you can activate Power Mode, which provides benefits like speed, batch processing, enhanced parameters, and an ad-free experience.

Balance: Users can add funds to their account, which is then used for Power Mode activations.

$10 allows for up to 5263 standard images or 1333 high-quality images. Payment methods include credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and are secured by Stripe.

Power Mode Advantages
  • Speed: Requests are processed immediately, skipping the queue.
  • Batches: Up to 4 images can be generated at once for faster results.
  • More Parameters: Access to additional settings for higher image quality.
  • No Ads: A distraction-free experience without advertisements.

Power Mode operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, and users are charged only for what they use.

Dezgo Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dezgo?

Dezgo is an innovative online AI-powered image generator. It enables users to create images from text descriptions effortlessly. Whether for website graphics, social media content, business-related imagery such as product visuals, book illustrations, or marketing materials, Dezgo offers limitless possibilities. It's also great for personal entertainment and creative experimentation.

How does Dezgo work?

Dezgo operates using advanced AI models, notably Stable Diffusion, which generates images from textual descriptions. The platform offers various Stable Diffusion variants to create different image styles. This technology utilizes artificial neural networks, comprising millions of neurons and synapses, to learn and enhance capabilities autonomously.

Is Dezgo free to use?

Yes, Dezgo offers a free version accessible without registration. However, to manage server load, it imposes certain limits like rate limits and caps on image resolution and quality. For unrestricted access and enhanced features, users can upgrade to the paid Power Mode.

How can I generate images on Dezgo?

Generating images is simple: select an AI mode, type your description, and hit "Run". For more control, adjust parameters in the "More Options" panel. The process is user-friendly, catering to both beginners and advanced users.

Can I use Dezgo images for commercial purposes?

Yes, images generated are unique and users hold the rights for both personal and commercial use, adhering to the license terms of each AI, such as the CreativeML Open RAIL-M license. This applies to both free and paid versions. For detailed terms, visit: https://dezgo.com/license.

How do I emphasize parts of my prompt in Dezgo?

To highlight certain elements in your prompt, use "+" to increase importance or "-" to decrease it. You can use multiple "+" or "-" for stronger emphasis. For groups of words, enclose them in "()". Additionally, numerical weights from "0" to "2" can specify importance more precisely.

What if my Dezgo images aren't as expected?

If results aren't satisfactory, refine your prompt with specific, relevant details and adjust the parameters. Try different word arrangements, styles (e.g., "cartoon", "photorealistic"), or AI models. For more tips and resources, visit: https://www.reddit.com/r/stablediffusion/wiki/tutorials/.

How can I suggest new features for Dezgo?

Feature suggestions can be sent through Twitter: @dezgo. User feedback is highly valued for continuous improvement.

When will new Dezgo features be introduced?

New features are introduced based on user feedback and technical feasibility. While precise timelines are challenging, the team strives to implement popular suggestions promptly.

What is Power Mode in Dezgo and how is it different from the free version?

Power Mode is a premium, pay-as-you-go upgrade in Dezgo, offering unrestricted access, no ads, and additional features like the History feature for storing recent requests. It provides a seamless, enhanced image generation experience.

Will ads be removed in Power Mode?

Yes, Power Mode is ad-free. It's designed for an uninterrupted, premium experience, supported by user payments rather than ad revenue.

How can I get Power Mode in Dezgo?

To access Power Mode, create or log into your Dezgo account, fund it, and switch to Power Mode using the lightning icon. This gives you access to all premium features.

How do I create or log into my Dezgo account?

Click "Login" on the menu, enter your email, and follow the magic link sent to your inbox. This process either logs you into an existing account or creates a new one.

How do I switch between Power Mode and the free version in Dezgo?

Switching is done via the lightning icon. A green icon with a price tag indicates Power Mode, while a gray "FREE" icon signifies the free version.

How much does Dezgo's Power Mode cost?

Cost varies based on parameters like image size. Prices are displayed in real-time next to the lightning icon. For example, standard "Text-to-Image" requests cost 0.0019 USD per image.

What currency is used in Dezgo?

All transactions are in USD, but you can fund your account in any supported currency, with automatic exchange rate application.

How do I fund my Dezgo account?

Fund your account via "My Account" in the menu. Choose an amount, click "Deposit", and complete the transaction on Stripe's secure payment page.

Which payment methods are accepted by Dezgo?

Dezgo accepts credit/debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Link by Stripe. The available methods depend on your location and device.

How is my payment secured in Dezgo?

Payments are secured by Stripe, a PCI Level 1 certified provider. The payment process is conducted on Stripe's secure platform, ensuring data safety.

My card was declined on Dezgo. What should I do?

If your card is declined, check card details, security settings, and funds availability. If issues persist, contact your bank for possible transaction blocks.

Is Dezgo a subscription service?

No, Dezgo operates on a prepaid, pay-as-you-go basis without recurring charges, giving users complete control over their spending.

Can I withdraw money from my Dezgo account?

No, all payments are final and non-refundable, but the balance can be used anytime without expiration.

What happens if my Dezgo account balance reaches zero?

If the balance is zero, Power Mode becomes inaccessible until a top-up. However, the free version remains available.

There's a payment issue in Dezgo. What should I do?

In case of payment-related issues, contact support by clicking the "Contact Support" button on the website.

How can I use the Dezgo API?

The Dezgo API allows programmatic access to its features. Complete documentation is available at https://dev.dezgo.com/.

Is the Dezgo API different from the web interface or Power Mode?

The API offers the same functionalities as the web interface and Power Mode, with identical pricing and balance usage.

Is the Dezgo API on RapidAPI linked to my Dezgo account?

No, the RapidAPI service is separate and deprecated. For the latest features, use the new API available at https://dev.dezgo.com/.

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