A designated storage location for digital assets (cryptocurrency) that has an address used for sending and receiving funds to and from the wallet. The wallet can be online, offline, or on a physical device.

Massive Atomic Wallet Hack Revealed: Over $35M Stolen across Multiple Cryptocurrencies
On-chain investigator ZachXBT has reported a significant security breach on Atomic Wallet, a leading non-custodial decentralized wallet wallet. The hacker targeted various cryptocurrencies, managing to steal more than $35 million across different chains, according to ZachXBT's updates on Twitter.
Worldcoin Emerges as Largest Deployer of Safe Wallets on Polygon Blockchain, Onboards 1.2 Million Self-Custodial Safe Smart Accounts
A tweet from Worldcoin states that they have successfully onboarded an impressive 1.2 million self-custodial Safe Smart Accounts
Tangem Announces Partnership for SHIB-Themed Cold Wallets, Strengthening Shiba Inu's Ecosystem
Tangem, a prominent player in the blockchain industry, has announced it will unleash SHIB-themed cold wallets.
Cogni Launches KYC-Backed NFTs for Crypto Wallet Users
Cogni, a neobank with FDIC coverage, is rolling out nonfungible tokens (NFTs) containing KYC information to users of its crypto wallet. The NFTs are transferable to a Web3 environment, providing decentralized apps with bank-level KYC information without the need for further action.
Santa Cruz Adopts Blockchain for Govt Services
Santa Cruz County in California is set to launch a pilot program using a blockchain-powered digital wallet for government services, including bicycle registration and RV parking registration. The program, powered by HUMBL, will launch in July 2023 and run a three-stage pilot program. The county aims to provide a formal report and rollout plan for the digital wallet by September 2023.
Trust Wallet Discloses Security Flaw Resulting in $170k Loss
Crypto wallet Trust Wallet has reported a security vulnerability, resulting in almost $170k in losses for some users. The vulnerability has been fixed after Trust Wallet found out about it through its bug bounty program.
MetaMask Denies Involvement in Massive Wallet-Draining Exploit
MetaMask has denied claims that its wallet was exploited in a recent massive wallet-draining operation that resulted in the loss of over 5,000 ETH. The company has confirmed that the funds were stolen from various addresses across 11 blockchains, and that the exploit was not specific to MetaMask.
NFT Co-Founder Faces Lawsuit Over Crypto Wallet Dispute
Rebase co-founder Edmond Truong is being sued by Krzysztof Gagacki, who claims to be a co-founder of the nonfungible token (NFT) project. Gagacki alleges that Truong misappropriated $2 million into a separate wallet owned and controlled by him without his consent, ousting Gagacki from the firm and causing damage to his reputation.
Cryptocurrency Phishing Attacks Rise by 40% Year-on-Year in 2022
Kaspersky, a Russian cybersecurity and anti-virus provider, has reported a 40% year-on-year increase in cryptocurrency phishing attacks in 2022. The attacks involve reaching out to investors through fake websites and communication channels that mimic official companies, prompting users to share personal information such as private keys. Attackers are evolving their strategies to lure unwary crypto investors. Recently, hardware cryptocurrency wallet provider Trezor warned against attempts to steal users' crypto through fake Trezor sites. In a survey, one out of seven respondents admitted to being affected by cryptocurrency phishing.
Polygon Emerges as Second-Largest Blockchain Gaming Network
Polygon, a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, has become the second-largest blockchain gaming network with 138,081 unique active wallets engaging in games in March. Polygon surpassed third and fourth-ranked Hive and BNB Chain, with Wax in the first place with 314,000 UAWs. Polygon's surge in user activity was primarily due to Hunters On-Chain, which saw a UAW increase of over 17,000% in the past 30 days alone. Polygon is gaining recognition as a gaming blockchain and has notched big-name partnerships such as Warner Music, Starbucks, and Adobe.

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