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A Token represents an asset built on an existing blockchain (different from a coin).

Chiliz (CHZ) Chain Announces Tokenomics 2.0 with Inflation Model and Burn Mechanism
Chiliz Chain introduces Tokenomics 2.0, enhancing utility and blockchain longevity with an 8.80% base rate and token burn mechanism, aiming for a minimum annual yield of 5.72% APY.
Hong Kong Monetary Authority Sets Regulatory Standards for Tokenized Products
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has released a circular outlining regulatory standards for institutions selling and distributing tokenized products, aiming to promote innovation, ensure consumer and investor protection, and promote due diligence, transparency, and risk management.
Binance to Cease Support for Leveraged Tokens by April 2024
Binance announces the cessation of support for leveraged tokens by April 2024, urging users to adjust their holdings and trading strategies in light of the upcoming changes.
Starknet's Massive STRK Token Airdrop: Navigating the Hype and the Hunt for Rewards
Starknet Foundation's strategic airdrop of 1.8 billion STRK tokens aims to fuel network growth and user engagement, amidst concerns of airdrop farming by savvy participants. Eligibility spans Ethereum developers, users, and a focus on rewarding community contributions.
PlayDapp's $31 Million Hack: A Blow to Blockchain Gaming Security
PlayDapp, a prominent NFT marketplace, experienced a security breach, resulting in the unauthorized minting of $200 million PLA tokens, worth $31 million.
UBS and OSL Pioneer Hong Kong's First Ethereum Tokenized Warrant
UBS AG, in collaboration with OSL Digital Securities, introduces Hong Kong's first tokenized warrant on the Ethereum blockchain, marking a landmark moment in financial innovation and blockchain adoption.
Japan Advances LLC-Type DAOs: Easing Tokenized Membership Rights Regulations
Japan proposes amendments to ease regulations on tokenized membership rights for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), aligning tokenized rights with traditional company memberships, marking a significant step towards fostering DAO operations.
Binance Co-Founder Yi He Champions Transparency and Security Amidst Crypto Evolution
Binance Co-Founder Yi He addresses the crypto community with vital announcements on enhancing listing transparency and security measures, showcasing Binance's proactive approach in combating scams and ensuring a trustworthy trading environment.
FSB 2024 Agenda: Strengthening Crypto Regulation and Embracing AI"
The Financial Stability Board (FSB) has announced its 2024 Work Programme, focusing on crypto regulation, AI, and digital innovation, aiming to enhance global cooperation and stability in finance.
Hong Kong's SFC Sets 2024-2026 Agenda: Emphasis on Tokenization and Virtual Asset Innovation
The SFC’s Strategic Priorities for 2024-2026 focus on enhancing Hong Kong's financial sector by maintaining market resilience, boosting global competitiveness, embracing financial innovation, and improving institutional resilience.

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