Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology is an ever-growing chain of blocks, where blocks are chained together by cryptographic guaranteed hashes. Within every block are the transaction items and other extra information.  It is a combination of a few technologies - cryptography, distributed ledger technology (DLT), Consensus and more.

Animoca Brands Cuts Metaverse Fund Target to $800M
Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based developer of blockchain gaming technology, has reduced its target for its metaverse fund by 20% to $800 million due to volatility in the crypto sector. The company's market capitalization has also fallen from $6 billion to below $2 billion, signaling a change in sentiment in the crypto industry.
Ethics of Web3 Discussed at Paris Blockchain Week
The second day of Paris Blockchain Week 2023 featured a panel discussion on the Ethics of Web3. The panelists agreed that ethical frameworks often lag behind technology and that innovation comes before any ethical standards are implemented. They highlighted the upcoming Markets in Crypto-Assets framework in the European Union as an example of turning ethics into law to protect people and innovation.
Nigerian President-elect's Manifesto Includes Blockchain and Crypto Regulations
Nigerian President-elect Bola Tinubu has released a manifesto proposing the implementation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in Nigeria's banking and finance sector. The manifesto suggests reforming existing Nigerian Security Exchange Commission regulations to create a more business-friendly framework for regulating digital assets. The proposed regulations would require digital asset companies to register with the SEC and comply with SEC regulations. The release of the manifesto coincides with the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies in Nigeria, with the government hoping that the proposed SEC regulation reforms will attract more investors in the digital and economic sectors and stimulate economic growth.
Hong Kong Suffers Surge in Crypto Scams in 2022
Hong Kong police reported a surge in crypto-related scams in 2022, with losses amounting to HK$1.7 billion ($216.6 million), up 106% from the previous year. The number of crypto-related scam cases reported in Hong Kong also surged by 67% from 2021. Such scams accounted for over 50% of the HK$3.2 billion ($407 million) stolen from city residents in technology crimes. The Hong Kong police CyberDefender website reported almost 23,000 cases of technology-related crimes in 2022. The use of cryptocurrency has made it more complicated for enforcement to track criminal funds, as fraudsters can hide their identities, transactions, and final destination.
The Development of Blockchain Chips
The new "fully homomorphic encryption" chip will let users operate on data without decrypting it.
Interchain Foundation to Spend $40 Million on Cosmos Ecosystem Development
The ICF supports adoption initiatives like Interchain Builders and Interchain NFTs while emphasizing core development.
Alex Gladstein Fights Government Corruption
Human Rights Foundation CSO Alex Gladstein thinks Bitcoin can improve democracy and combat state corruption by restricting government and institutional authority.
Nodle's Smartphone-Powered Blockchain Network
Nodle turns cellphones into nodes using Bluetooth to increase IoT adoption.
Hub71+ Digital Assets Initiative Aims to Advance Web3-Based innovations
Hub71 will invest $2 billion in Web3 startups in Abu Dhabi.
Siemens Issues World's First Blockchain Bond
Siemens claims that "releasing the bond on a blockchain provides a variety of advantages compared to prior approaches," including removing banks as middlemen.

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