A stablecoin (or stable coin), as its name indicates, is a stable cryptocurrency designed to be resistant to the type of price volatility synonymous with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether.
The key is to understand "stable": what is "stable"? which references are pegged to make its value "stable"? In terms of what we measure the "stability".

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First Digital Group Launches New Stablecoin FDUSD to Revolutionize Global Finance
Asia's leading trust company and qualified custodian, First Digital, is making waves in the global financial ecosystem with the announcement of its new stablecoin, First Digital USD (FDUSD)
Tether Ventures into Sustainable Energy Production and Bitcoin Mining in Renewable-Rich Uruguay
Tether, the company renowned for powering the world's foremost stablecoin, announced today its ambitious venture into energy production and sustainable Bitcoin mining in Uruguay.
NY Fed New Rules Cast Uncertainty on Circle's Access to Reverse-Repurchase Program
The New York Federal Reserve has updated its rules for reverse repurchase agreements (RRP), potentially hindering Circle's access to the Fed's reverse-repurchase program. The Circle Reserve Fund is a money market fund only available to Circle and could be deemed ineligible under the Fed's updated guidelines.
US Crypto Crackdown Hurts USD Coin
Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire has blamed the declining market capitalization of USD Coin (USDC) on the cryptocurrency crackdown by US regulators. Allaire cited global concern about the US banking system and regulatory environment as major factors.
Visa New Crypto Initiative
Visa is developing a new crypto product to promote the adoption of public blockchain networks and stablecoin payments. The company is seeking software engineers with experience in programming, Web3 technologies, and Solidity to build the product.
Terraform Labs Co-Founder Indicted for Terra Stablecoin Collapse
Shin Hyun-seong, co-founder of Terraform Labs, has been indicted along with nine other individuals for the collapse of the Terra stablecoin ecosystem. They are accused of fraud, breach of trust, and embezzlement, with illicit profits of nearly $350 million suspected. Prosecutors have seized assets worth a total of $180 million.
Terraform Labs co-founder defends against SEC allegations
Do Kwon, co-founder of Terraform Labs, has defended himself against allegations of fraud from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Kwon’s lawyers have requested the dismissal of the lawsuit, claiming that the SEC's allegations are unfounded and that US law prohibits regulators from asserting jurisdiction over the digital assets in question. The lawyers also argued that the SEC failed to prove Kwon’s involvement in the collapse of Terra’s stablecoin, UST.
Terraform Labs Co-Founder Argues Against SEC Lawsuit
Terraform Labs co-founder, Do Kwon's lawyers have argued in court against the SEC's lawsuit for illegally offering unregistered securities. The lawyers claim the SEC's acquisitions are unfounded and that the stablecoin in question is a currency, not a security. Additionally, Kwon's arrest and subsequent extradition remain uncertain.
US House Committee to Discuss Stablecoin Regulation
The US House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services will conduct a hearing on stablecoin regulation on April 19th, following the introduction of a draft bill on stablecoin regulation. The hearing will include testimonies from experts, including Austin Campbell, a managing partner at Zero Knowledge Consulting and adjunct professor at Columbia Business School, who believes stablecoins will expand the reach of the US dollar and increase financial inclusion.
Cryptocurrency Soars in Q1 2023
CoinGecko's Q1 2023 Crypto Industry Report shows Bitcoin as the best-performing asset, with a gain of 72.4%. DeFi and NFTs have also surged, while stablecoins saw a drop in market cap due to Binance USD shutdown and USDC depeg. The overall market capitalization reached $1.2 trillion at the end of Q1.

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