A stablecoin (or stable coin), as its name indicates, is a stable cryptocurrency designed to be resistant to the type of price volatility synonymous with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether.
The key is to understand "stable": what is "stable"? which references are pegged to make its value "stable"? In terms of what we measure the "stability".

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Singapore's MAS to Open Public Consultation on Stablecoins Soon
Singapore’s apex bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), is ramping up plans to open up discussions with the public for stablecoin regulations.
Tether Says No Chinese Commercial Papers Holding on its Reserve
Tether Holdings Ltd, the USDT stablecoin issuer, has once again rebutted growing rumours about the composition of its reserve base. The issuer said they have no Renminbi holdings on its reserve.
Is USDC’s Value Posed to Surpass that of USDT This Year?
As the stablecoin arena gains steam, the supremacy battle between Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC) continues to rage on. Rolls Out USD Perpetual Trading for Diversification Purposes
To eliminate overreliance on a single type of stablecoin, Seychelles-based crypto exchange has rolled out USD perpetual trading, starting with BTC/USD and ETH/USD pairs.
Opinion: Terra – A lesson learnt for trading platforms?
The events related to the Terra and Luna collapse highlight why trading platforms need to provide clarity and education for their users. With tighter regulations looming, demonstrating responsibility and a commitment to consumer protection is vital if trading platforms are to thrive.
UK Treasury Doubles Down on Stablecoin Regulations in New Bill
Zahawi presented the Financial Services and Markets Bill to the members of Parliament on Wednesday with a proposal to regulate stablecoins and "digital settlement assets" as a form of payment assets in the UK.
Coinsfera Enables Users to Trade USDT in UAE through OTC
Coinsfera, the global OTC digital asset trading platform, announced that it enables users to trade stablecoin USDT in Dubai.
Privately Issued, Regulated Digital Crypto Might Better than CBDC, Says Australian Central Bank
Australian central bank boss admits that private digital tokens could be better and their benefits will be enhanced if regulatory arrangements are made right.
Circle Publishes Inuagural USDC Reserve Treasury Report for June
Co-Founder and CEO of Circle, Jeremy Allaire has announced the release of the company’s first monthly USDC reserve report for the month of June
OKX Receives Virtual-asset License in Dubai, Stablecoins Trading Goes Live on OKC Chain
Cryptocurrency platform OKX gets Virtual-asset License from Dubai's authority. The exchange also launched stablecoins trading options for their investors.

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