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Binance Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Support for Hamas in Israel Attack
Three families of victims from the Hamas attack on Israel have filed a lawsuit against Binance, its former CEO Changpeng Zhao, Iran, and Syria, alleging their support for terrorism. The suit claims these parties provided substantial assistance to Hamas, spotlighting the challenges of regulating cryptocurrency in combating terrorism financing.
SEC Withdraws Lawsuit Against Debt Box Amid Misleading Evidence Controversy
The SEC has withdrawn its lawsuit against Debt Box, accusing it of a $50 million fraudulent scheme, paving the way for future charges and a significant shift in crypto firm regulatory landscape.
ESMA Launches Key Consultations on Crypto-Asset Regulations under MiCA
ESMA conducts consultations on reverse solicitation exemptions and classifying crypto-assets as financial instruments, aiming to harmonize EU regulations with MiFID II.
OpenAI's ChatGPT Under GDPR Investigation in Italy: Facing 30-Day Defense Deadline
Italian Data Protection Authority, Garante, has raised concerns over potential GDPR violations by OpenAI's ChatGPT, requiring OpenAI to defend its processing of personal data for 30 days.
FSB 2024 Agenda: Strengthening Crypto Regulation and Embracing AI"
The Financial Stability Board (FSB) has announced its 2024 Work Programme, focusing on crypto regulation, AI, and digital innovation, aiming to enhance global cooperation and stability in finance.
Decline in Crypto Crime: Insights into 2024 Trends and Challenges
2024 sees a notable decline in crypto crimes, with hacking and scamming activities reduced. However, ransomware and darknet markets show resurgence, emphasizing the need for enhanced security and regulatory measures in the crypto industry.
California Court Fines Crowd Machine and Metavine in ICO Case
A California court orders Crowd Machine and Metavine to pay over $20 million for an unlawful 2018 ICO, highlighting the importance of adhering to securities laws in the crypto industry.
Meta's Digital Assets Expansion: A Scrutiny by Maxine Waters
Congresswoman Maxine Waters scrutinizes Meta's trademark applications, filed in March 2022, suggesting the company's continued involvement in the digital assets ecosystem, despite previous assurances of no ongoing projects in this area.
South Korea May Reconsider Stance on Bitcoin ETFs
South Korea's Presidential Office has urged the Financial Services Commission to reconsider its stance on Bitcoin ETFs, indicating a potential shift in the country's cryptocurrency regulation, following initial warnings against U.S.-based spot Bitcoin ETFs.
Canada Tightens Crypto Asset Regulations for Public Investment Funds
The Canadian Securities Administrators propose regulatory changes for public investment funds handling crypto assets, focusing on custodianship standards and limiting direct crypto dealings to specific fund types.

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