CFTC Chair Suggests Ether is Commodity, Let Congress to Regulate Crypto
Crypto regulation is inevitable. That is the message coming from both CFTC and SEC. But this has led to a political conflict between the top U.S. financial regulatory agencies.
UK Could Be The Next Crypto-Friendly Nation As Rishi Sunak Becomes Next PM
Will Rishi Sunak's appointment as the next UK PM spell good fortune for the crypto industry?
African Crypto Exchange Yellow Card Taps VASP License in Botswana
Pan-African exchange Yellow Card has tapped the VASP license to operate in Botswana
UK Government Adds New Crypto Amendment In Finance Regulation Bill
The UK’s Financial Services and Markets bill published an amendment paper on Friday, portraying that the UK government is seeking to regulate crypto and ban unauthorized service providers.
Hong Kong Wants to Legalize Cryptocurrency Trading
Hong Kong wants to take action to become an international virtual assets center by launching several legal initiatives related to emerging technologies in the crypto industry.
Hong Kong to Unveil Virtual Assets-Related Policy Statement on Upcoming Fintech Week
The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's government will release the plans for the development of virtual assets in the city during FinTech Week by the end of this month.
Binu Paul Appointed as Head of Digital Assets in the U.K's FCA
Binu Paul has been named the new head of digital assets at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the primary financial regulator in the United Kingdom Gets Green Light to Operate in Singapore
Crypto exchange has gotten the go-ahead to set foot on Singaporean soil after being approved by the nation’s central bank.
European Parliament Ratifies MiCA Framework in Landslide Vote
The long-awaited Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation has just scaled through the European Parliament as MPs voted massively in favour of the bill.l
OECD Presents New Transparency Framework for Crypto-Assets to G20
For the upcoming G20 finance ministers' meetings, leaders are going to discuss the CARF framework that builds on certain enhancements to the Common Reporting Standard (CRS).

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