Joins UK's Crypto Trade Association CryptoUK as an Executive Member has officially announced that it will join CryptoUK, the trade association of the UK's encrypted digital industry, as an executive member. It commits to share best practices and recommend how the sector responds to industry developments.
European Commission Moves to Tighten Rules on Cryptocurrency Transfers
The European Commission has announced that firms transferring Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies must collect details of payers and payees to help regulators prevent the flow of dirty money.
Russia To Introduce Laws Regarding the Confiscation of Crypto Assets
Russia Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov said that the administration is preparing to introduce legislative amendments to the confiscation of illegal digital assets by law enforcement agencies, according to TASS.
Chinese Regulators Shut Down A Domestic Software Firm Over Alleged Involvement in Illegal Crypto Trading
A local Chinese software company suspected of involvement in cryptocurrency trading activities was forced to shut down by two Two financial regulators in China, including the People’s Bank of China (PBoC).
Binance Temporarily Suspends SEPA Euro Bank Deposits, Citing Events Beyond Its Control
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is facing increasing hurdles in Europe. The financial institution announced to temporarily suspend Euro bank deposits through the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) network.
Bitcoin Prepares to Revisit $32,000 Support Level Before Retracing the Bull Market
Bitcoin may see a decline in search for a support barrier that may kick-start a rally.
UK NatWest Bank Restricts Daily Transfer Amount to Crypto Exchanges, Including Binance
To prevent the occurrence of fraud-related incidents, NatWest bank has tightened restrictions on crypto-related activities followed by the U.K. financial watchdog imposing restrictions on crypto exchanges.
Norway's Financial Regulator Seeks Legal and Investor Protection for Crypto Consumers
The Norwegian Financial regulator intends to strengthen supervision by protecting investors of crypto consumers.
U.S. Senator Warren Urged To Regulate Cryptocurrencies
Massachusetts senator Elizabeth has acknowledged that Bitcoin and Dogecoin have significant problems and therefore urges regulators to break crypto policy deadlock.
New York Senate Gives Moratorium on Bitcoin Mining Operations Per Climate Change Concerns
New York Senators are seeking a new law that clamps down on coal-powered mining while giving exceptions to green energy-powered Bitcoin mining.

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