U.S. Senator Warren Urged To Regulate Cryptocurrencies
Massachusetts senator Elizabeth has acknowledged that Bitcoin and Dogecoin have significant problems and therefore urges regulators to break crypto policy deadlock.
New York Senate Gives Moratorium on Bitcoin Mining Operations Per Climate Change Concerns
New York Senators are seeking a new law that clamps down on coal-powered mining while giving exceptions to green energy-powered Bitcoin mining.
Chinese MIIT Issues Guidance on Blockchain Technology
China has issued guidelines for promoting the application of blockchain technology and industrial development.
FCA Warns Crypto Businesses Fail to Meet UK’s Money Laundering Regulations Standard
The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has disclosed that many crypto firms are withdrawing their applications to register with the agency.
China's Hainan Province Cautions Citizens Against Illegal Crypto Trading
China's Hainan Province has banned illegal crypto offerings, upholding the country's early ban on digital currency-related activities.
Irish MEP Calls for Tightened Rules on Crypto Assets
Irish MEP Chris MacManus has submitted a proposal to the EU per crypto regulation
JPMorgan CEO Warned Investors Against Bitcoin Investment, Calls for Clear Regulations to Crypto Trading
Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase Bank, is still not a crypto supporter. He admits that JPMorgan clients are interested in cryptocurrency. JPMorgan is planning to offer Bitcoin funds to rich clients.
Ugandan FIA Urges Central Government To Regulate Cryptocurrencies
Uganda's FIA urges the central government for comprehensive regulation of the digital currency industry nationwide.
U.S. Treasury Requests Report to IRS for Crypto Transfers Over $10,000
The U.S. Treasury Department today proposed to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service that investors need to report on crypto transactions of more than $10,000.
The Collapse of the Cryptocurrency Market Triggers Discussions among Legislators
Bitcoin plummeted by more than 30% yesterday and the huge volatility caused the panic of selling in the entire cryptocurrency market. This caused the U.S. regulators and legislators may be re-examining crypto-asset legislation.

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