The set of rules of a system that governs how data is exchanged and transmitted. This term is often used to describe the technology behind certain blockchains and the rules that govern each specific blockchain network.

Platypus Launches Native Stablecoin USP
Platypus Finance is launching USP, a protocol-native stablecoin. USP’s deployment has emerged from Platypus’ goal of improving capital efficiency for its users. USP also resolves long-running collateral issues associated with stablecoins. The native Platypus Finance stablecoin has been designed to reduce the liquidity fragmentation and scattered assets that are endemic to many protocols.
DeFi Yield Protocol Rebrands as Dypius to Help Users Embrace Metaverse Opportunities
After experiencing success in the crypto space, DeFi Yield Protocol announces a complete rebranding to Dypius. The experienced team conducted several months’ worth of research to come up with the best way to represent what they had evolved into over the years. Dypius has the suffix of the nebulae in the galaxy. Nebulas are the formations of gas, dust, and other materials that "clump" together to form denser regions in the universe. They attract further matter and eventually become dense enough to form stars, planets, and planetary system objects. Dypius is the place of creation of stars, planets, and life. This is Dypius, a place to create and shape the future!
Boson Protocol Launches Redeemable NFTs For Real World Assets
Boson Protocol has revamped its platform to include redeemable NFTs
Crypto Hedge Fund Protocol Ventures to Shut Down Amid Market Fraught
Protocol Ventures is another major crypto hedge fund falling into liquidation crisis after Three Arrows Capital.
Compound Protocol Halts Supply of Four Tokens Due To Low Liquidity
Decentralized lending protocol Compound has decided to pause the supply of four tokens used as lending assets for collateral on the platform, including ncZRX, cBAT, cMKR, and cYFI.
Oasys Gaming Protocol Unveils Plans for Mainnet Launch in Three Phases
Oasys gaming protocol has unveiled the three phases for its mainnet launch
NEAR Protocol to Wind Down Stablecoin USN, Allocating Funds for User Protection
The firm has announced plans to shut down the USN stablecoin to avoid greater risks.
Matter Labs to Reveal its ZkSync Token Specification in November 2022
Matter Labs is set to unveil its token specification in November as it looks toward full ecosystem functionality
Crypto Firms Join Forces to Push for Stratum V2 Bitcoin Mining Upgrades
Spiral and Braiins lead efforts along with an industry working group to upgrade the current Stratum V1 protocol for miners.
Controversial Entrepreneur Sifu is Back with New DeFi Lending Protocol Forked from Aave
Sifu was the co-founder of the defunct Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX and he has been implicated with several fraudulent deals in the past.

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