The availability of assets is determined by the ability for that asset to be converted into cash without dramatically affecting market prices.

Decentralized Exchange dYdX Proposes $20M Incentive Program for v4 Launch
Chaos Labs proposes a $20M, 6-month Launch Incentives Program for the transition to dYdX v4. The initiative aims to facilitate user and volume migration to the new dYdX Chain, with a robust pre-launch and post-launch strategy. Governance proposals will guide the distribution of DYDX rewards, maintaining transparency and community oversight throughout the program.
Five Market Makers Nearing Worldcoin (WLD) Loan Settlement Date
The five market makers involved with Worldcoin's liquidity provision are approaching the loan settlement date of October 22. The recent on-chain activities reflect different strategies among these entities, possibly in anticipation of the settlement. The actions of these market makers could influence Worldcoin's market dynamics as the date nears.
Sui Foundation Allocates Over $1M to 17 Emerging Projects
The Sui Foundation has earmarked over $1.05 million for 17 new projects aimed at bolstering the development and adoption of Sui. This initiative encompasses a wide range of sectors within the Sui ecosystem, including DeFi, gaming, and on-chain solutions, showcasing the foundation's dedication to fostering innovation and expanding the decentralized platform.
Japan's JCBA Submits Initial Proposal for IEO Regulatory Reform to JVCEA
JCBA submits an initial proposal for IEO regulatory reform to JVCEA, outlining four key agendas aimed at stabilizing the IEO market and enhancing user protection. The reform aims to make domestic IEOs more attractive than foreign exchanges.
Binance Revamps Fiat Liquidity Provider Program with New Eligibility Criteria and Incentives
Binance has updated its Fiat Liquidity Provider Program, focusing on specific fiat markets and a revised performance review mechanism. Starting September 25th, 2023, the program will be restricted to these markets and will offer maker fee rebates based on past trading activity. Eligible markets include TRY and EUR, BRL, GBP, RUB, ZAR, PLN, NGN, UAH, RON, and ARS. Participants must have a 30-day trading volume exceeding 20,000,000 USDT and demonstrate competent liquidity strategies.
Circle Introduces Native USDC on OP Mainnet: What It Means for the Ecosystem
Circle launches native USDC on OP Mainnet, replacing Ethereum bridged liquidity. Collaborating with Optimism, it will be available on Coinbase's Base, Solana, Ethereum, and Mercado Pago.
Digital Asset Liquidity Provider OrBit Markets Wins Google Cloud Customer Award
OrBit Markets, a Singapore-based liquidity provider, has been awarded the 2023 Google Cloud Customer of the Year Award for its exceptional use of Google Cloud technologies for trading data processing.
Binance to Remove Liquidity Pools: ADA, APE, AVAX, DOT and More
Binance plan to remove several liquidity pools from its Liquid Swap platform, aiming to improve trading experience. The removal will take effect on September 1, 2023. Users with positions in these pools will automatically return their assets to their Spot wallets. However, they can redeem their assets before the removal date.
Crypto Liquidity Provider B2C2 Acquires Woorton, Strengthening European Crypto Presence
B2C2, a leading crypto liquidity provider, has acquired Woorton, a leading European entity in market-making and over-the-counter transactions for the digital asset sector. Woorton, majority-owned by SBI, has facilitated institutional access to cryptocurrencies and has a clientele of around 250. The acquisition aims to expand B2C2's client base in Europe and tap into client growth opportunities beyond the UK, Asia-Pacific, and USA.
Kyber Network Advises Removal of Funds Amid Potential Vulnerability
Kyber Network has advised liquidity providers to remove their funds due to a potential vulnerability in the Kyberswap Elastic decentralized crypto exchange. No funds have been lost, and farming rewards have been temporarily suspended until a new smart contract can be deployed.

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