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Since the emergence of Bitcoin, policies and laws around cryptocurrencies has been controversial. Some countries have started to embrace digital currencies, while others have decided to ban digital assets altogether. Lawmakers and policymakers are beginning to evaluate the benefits of cryptocurrencies, while also raising concerns.

SEC Scholars Program Opens Applications for Fall 2023 Internship
The SEC is accepting applications for its Scholars Program for Fall 2023. The program offers internships for undergraduate and graduate students in business and legal programs. The traineeships are paid and range from $15.09 to $35.27 per hour. The SEC encourages students with an interest in blockchain, computer science, and cybersecurity to apply.
Utah Passes Law Recognizing Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
The Utah State Legislature has passed the Utah Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Act, providing legal recognition and limited liability to DAOs, also known as "Utah LLDs". The act defines ownership, protects anonymity, and introduces quality assurance protocols.
South Koreans transacted $4.3 billion through illegal crypto exchanges
In 2022, South Koreans transacted $4.3 billion through illegal crypto exchanges, comprising almost 70% of all illicit money traffic captured by officers. The transactions aimed to purchase foreign virtual assets to sell in the country later due to the South Korean regulatory regime isolating the local market.
Colombia Holds Landmark Virtual Court Trial in Metaverse
Colombia's Magdalena Administrative Court conducted a trial in the metaverse on February 15, with participants appearing as avatars in a virtual courtroom. The trial involved a traffic dispute brought by a regional transport union against the police and lasted two hours. The verdict could also be given in the metaverse. Colombia is one of the first countries to test legal proceedings in the metaverse.
Israeli Securities Regulator Seeks Crypto Legal Framework
ISA proposes digital asset regulation. Over 150 firms operate in Israel, and more investors are exposed to digital assets. Over the years, the authority has formed many committees to control cryptocurrency supply and encourage digital markets. It also requires digital asset issuers to publish a prospectus-like document before issuance or trade. After Israel's top economist urged for a more comprehensive regulatory framework to align trading platforms and crypto issuers.
Australian regulator sues for crypto yield offering
Australia's financial services authority is suing for selling a bitcoin yield-bearing instrument without a license. Finder disputes ASIC's accusation that a registered exchange product was unlicensed, but it hasn't said whether it would contest the complaint. After Block Earner last November, it's the regulator's second domestic crypto income product supplier. ASIC sued for selling three crypto-backed fixed-yield products without an AFS license. The regulator's third action against crypto financial products and businesses in three months. When asked whether it will fight the action, Finder declined to respond.
Celsius Network Charged Over $3M in Legal Fees
Beleaguered crypto lending platform Celsius Network has incurred more than $3 million in legal fees, according to a filing.
Tornado Cash's Alex Pertsev to Remain in Custody as Appeal Was Rejected
Legal authorities in the Netherlands have rejected the appeal to release Alexei Pertsev, the chief developer of the Tornado Cash protocol was arrested and remanded by Dutch Authorities shortly after the United States Treasury Department sanctioned the protocol
Former OpenSea Staff Asks Court to Withdraw Insider Trading Charges
Following the indictment of Nathaniel Chastain, a former Head of Product at the NFT marketplace OpenSea, a new petition has now been filed by his lawyers, requesting the court to dismiss the case as it lacks merit.
Binance.US To Delist AMP following SEC’s Claim Token as Security
Binance.US has announced that it will delist AMP following last week’s news that the SEC mentioned the token as a security.

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