A function that takes an input and outputs an alphanumeric string known as the “hash value” or “digital fingerprint”. The hash is used to confirm coin transactions on the blockchain. Each block in the blockchain contains the hash value that validated the transaction before it and its own hash value.

HashFlare founders arrested in $575M crypto scam
HashFlare's customers lease hashing power to mine cryptocurrency. The mining operation "defrauded hundreds of thousands" The founders allegedly laundered "criminal proceeds" through 75 properties, six luxury vehicles, cryptocurrency wallets, and thousands of mining machines. Alexei Potapenko and Turgin founded HashFlare. The company mined less than 1% of what it claimed and bought Bitcoin from third parties. The FBI wants scheme participants' information.
HashKey Group Secures Licenses from Regulator to Operate Virtual Asset Trading Platform
Hong Kong-based digital assets company HashKey Group announced it has secured regulatory approval from the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SEC) to operate a virtual asset trading platform.
Abrdn Joins Hedera Governing Council after Archax Investment
Legacy investment management firm, Abrdn has joined the Hedera Governing Council as it looks to deepen its foothold in the digital currency and blockchain ecosystem.
Ethereum Classic Hash Rate Surges 200% Ahead of Ethereum Merge
Ethereum Classic’s hash rate has risen from 30 TH/s to 64 TH/s in the last 30 days. The surge indicates an increased mining activity on the Ethereum Classic network.
EU Approves Brazilian Crypto Asset Management Firm Hashdex to List ETP Products
Brazil-based global digital asset management company Hashdex announced on September 1 that it has been approved to list its exchange-traded product (ETP) in the European Union.
Former South Korean Deputy Minister Yong-beom Kim Joins Blockchain Research Institute
Yong-beom Kim, former first deputy minister of the Ministry of Planning and Finance of South Korea, will join Hashed Open Research, a blockchain and digital technology research institute, as CEO.
South Korean VC Firm Hashed Lost Up to $3.6B to LUNA Crash: CEO
Simon Seojoon Kim, the CEO of South Korean venture capital firm, Hashed has revealed the firm lost up to $3.6 billion when Terra collapsed back in May.
DeFi Platform HashBrownSwap Appoints Ian Scarffe as Advisor
Ian Scarffe's extensive investment experience globally has won him a spot at HashBrownSwap (HBS) as a blockchain and cryptocurrency advisor.
Bitcoin Network Difficulty Level Attains New ATH of 29.794T
The Bitcoin network has grown in difficulty yet again as it recorded a new All-Time High (ATH) of 29.794T.
Brazilian Asset Manager Hashdex Appoints Laurent Kssis as Managing Director
Hashdex has hired Laurent Kssis, the former director of crypto products provider 21Shares, to lead the business in Europe.

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