A function that takes an input and outputs an alphanumeric string known as the “hash value” or “digital fingerprint”. The hash is used to confirm coin transactions on the blockchain. Each block in the blockchain contains the hash value that validated the transaction before it and its own hash value.

South Korean VC Firm Hashed Lost Up to $3.6B to LUNA Crash: CEO
Simon Seojoon Kim, the CEO of South Korean venture capital firm, Hashed has revealed the firm lost up to $3.6 billion when Terra collapsed back in May.
DeFi Platform HashBrownSwap Appoints Ian Scarffe as Advisor
Ian Scarffe's extensive investment experience globally has won him a spot at HashBrownSwap (HBS) as a blockchain and cryptocurrency advisor.
Bitcoin Network Difficulty Level Attains New ATH of 29.794T
The Bitcoin network has grown in difficulty yet again as it recorded a new All-Time High (ATH) of 29.794T.
Brazilian Asset Manager Hashdex Appoints Laurent Kssis as Managing Director
Hashdex has hired Laurent Kssis, the former director of crypto products provider 21Shares, to lead the business in Europe.
Digital Asset Firm Hashdex to Launch Web3 ETF on the Brazilian Stock Exchange
The Web 3 ETF (WEB311) will track Web 3 firms that are expected to benefit from technology infrastructure.
Crypto Market Expanding in the Middle East, Says HashCash CEO
A paradigm shift is being witnessed in Middle East nations, especially the United Arab Emirates (UAE), because the region’s interests are changing from oil to crypto and metaverse.
Behind the Scenes of Kazakhstan's Political Crisis. Can Crypto Mining Survive There?
Kazakhstan has been in the crypto news a lot lately. On the surface, we know that it's a Central-Asian nation with cheap electricity that became the world's second-largest center for cryptocurrency mining after China’s crackdown on crypto.
Total Fees Paid on Bitcoin Network Hit Monthly Low, Hashrate Records Historic Highs
Bitcoin’s friendliness in terms of the low transaction fees paid to use its network continues because it hit a monthly low.
Spanish Lawmaker Tables a Proposal to be Bitcoin Mining Hub after Kazakhstan Internet Shutdown
Maria Munoz, a member of the Congress of Deputies, seeks to make Spain a Bitcoin mining hub following the turmoil that was continually rocking Kazakhstan.
Bitcoin's Hashrate Recovers and Hits New ATH at 182.01 EH/s
BTC miners have been able to dust themselves off following China's intensified crackdown, given that the hashrate reached historic highs of 182.01 EH/s.

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