What is DeFi?
Decentralized Finance, DeFi as a concept is to be able to offer almost all the financial services available with legacy and centralized institutions, typically banks, but on the blockchain. Whatever traditional services financial institutions provide can be expected to be offered through DeFi. In short, Defi is blockchain-based financial services that traditional financial services map into, creating new services or derivatives stemming from blockchain's unique features. Although we have had concepts like distributed computing and decentralized computing for decades, DeFi is in fact a new concept and an expansion of the application scope of blockchain as infrastructure.

Yield Protocol and Utopia Labs Announce Wind-Down
Yield Protocol and Utopia Labs have recently disclosed the cessation of their current operations due to various factors. While Yield Protocol cites inadequate demand for fixed-rate borrowing and regulatory hurdles, Utopia Labs is pivoting away from its existing product, though it remains upbeat about the crypto sector.
OpenTrade and WOO X Unite to Offer Tokenized T-Bills to Asian Investors
OpenTrade collaborates with WOO X to unveil access to tokenized T-Bills for Asian investors. This partnership, leveraging Circle Research’s Perimeter Protocol, is a response to the escalating demand for tokenized T-Bills over DeFi yields. Concurrently, WOO X advances its strategic footprint in South Korea, aligning with CODE compliance solutions to broaden its product accessibility in the region.
Circle Launches Circle Research with Perimeter Protocol
Circle launches 'Circle Research' to further technical innovation in crypto, blockchain, and Web3 through open-source research. The initiative's first contribution, Perimeter Protocol, sets a new standard for building on-chain credit markets. Circle releases the Perimeter white paper and public GitHub Repo to advance open protocol transacting with a focus on credit, catering to a wide range of credit scenarios.
Sui Foundation Allocates Over $1M to 17 Emerging Projects
The Sui Foundation has earmarked over $1.05 million for 17 new projects aimed at bolstering the development and adoption of Sui. This initiative encompasses a wide range of sectors within the Sui ecosystem, including DeFi, gaming, and on-chain solutions, showcasing the foundation's dedication to fostering innovation and expanding the decentralized platform.
Bitwise to Launch Two Innovative Ethereum Futures ETFs on October 2
Bitwise Asset Management to launch two first-of-its-kind Ethereum Futures ETFs, AETH and BTOP, on October 2. The ETFs offer exposure to CME Ether futures in a regulated format.
Web3 Security Losses Skyrocket to $889.26M in Q3 2023, Says Beosin Report
The Q3 2023 Global Web3 Security Report, jointly initiated by Beosin and SUSS NiFT, reveals a concerning escalation in the Web3 security landscape. The report shows that losses from hacks, phishing scams, and rug pulls reached $889.26M in Q3 2023, exceeding the combined losses of the first two quarters. The report also highlights the increasing threat posed by North Korea's Lazarus group.
Bankless: Solana's Resilience and Prospects Amid Market Challenges
Solana has navigated through a challenging bear market and technical issues to emerge stronger in 2023. With improved network performance, diversification into new sectors like NFTs and AI, and upcoming developments like Neon EVM and Solang, Solana's future appears promising despite past setbacks.
Fantom's Evolution: From Technical Innovations to Ecosystem Expansion
Fantom continues to innovate despite facing challenges in its DeFi ecosystem. With planned technical upgrades and a focus on growing its developer community, the network aims for a robust and diversified blockchain ecosystem.
dYdX Founder Foresees 100x Growth in DeFi Derivatives
Antonio Juliano, founder of dYdX, predicts DeFi derivatives will grow 100x in the next few years, accounting for 2% of crypto derivative volume. This optimistic projection highlights the potential for investors and traders.
Cardano ADA Ecosystem Q2 2023: DeFi Growth, Stablecoins, and NFT Trends
Cardano's Q2 2023 report by Messari highlights 34.9% stablecoin growth, DeFi expansion, and NFT trends, with promising developments in scaling solutions.

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