Cryptography is the science of encryption, the technique that allows parties to communicate over a secured connection. It ensures that the data transferred by the sender is only to be received by the intended recipient and that the transferred data cannot be intercepted and retrieved by unintended third parties. Cryptography is the foundation behind blockchain technology, allowing users to transact with each other over a decentralized network.

Coinbase Establishes Open Source Cryptography: Kryptology
American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced the launch of Kryptology, an encryption library that focuses on building complex encryption technologies.
HSBC and Wave Facilitate Blockchain-Powered Trade Between New Zealand and China
HSBC and Wave facilitated a blockchain trade transaction for the shipment of milk powder from New Zealand dairy processor Fonterra to China’s Sichuan New Hope Trading.
DOJ Wants to Bypass End-to-End Encryption to Fight Child Sexual Exploitation – Cause for Concern for Tech?
US government officials want to bypass encryption on websites, under allegations that child sexual exploitation runs unmonitored on strongly encrypted platforms.
Welcoming the Future of Finance with Blockchain
Blockchain is not limited to creating cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In fact, it has the potential to entirely remodel every industry out there, including the financial institutions.
Canada’s Central Bank Digital Currency Won't Include Zero-Knowledge-Proofs
Bank of Canada researchers do not feel that the current state of zero-knowledge-proofs is mature enough to be integrated into their development plans for a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).
JPMorgan Blockchain Spin-Off Kadena Releases Blockchain-Based App that Verifies Coronavirus Tests
Kadena launches a blockchain-based app that compliments COVID-19 testing, in a united effort to prevent data falsification.
From Zero Mentions to a Dedicated Section in CINIC Report: How Fast is Blockchain Growing in the Chinese Internet Industry
The China Internet Network Information Centre (CINIC) recently published “The 45th China Statistical Report on Internet Development”. Compared to the previous issue, it is worth noting that the CINIC covered blockchain development as a dedicated section in the latest report. The report highlighted the rapid blockchain development of China in three aspects: regulation, technical development and applications.
China Gears Up for its Digital Currency and Implements New Crypto Law
As a part of its plans for releasing its central bank digital currency (CBDC) soon, China has implemented a law to govern cryptographic password management.
China Updates Smart City Infrastructure with Blockchain-Based City Identification System
China Updates Smart City Infrastructure with Blockchain-Based City Identification System
China’s Cryptography Law Piques Local Interest and Stirs Global Market Reaction
The recent passing of China's Cryptography Law, which will come into effect in 2020, has peaked local interest as searches for blockchain on WeChat surged ten-fold.

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