Bitfinex is one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges founded in 2012. In Otc 2019, a New York-based legal firm alleged that Bitfinex and Tether had been involved in manipulating markets and concealing illicit proceeds.

Jump Crypto Ranks Third in Bitcoin Holdings, Trailing Only Binance and Bitfinex
Jump Trading's Jump Crypto, controlled by Jump Trading, is the third-largest Bitcoin holder, with a total of $30.8 billion. The company has been linked to major crypto events, including the Terra Luna crash and FTX's bankruptcy.
Tether's Development Team Nears Completion of Advanced Mining Libraries
Tether's dev team is nearing completion of JavaScript libraries for mining, utilizing technology. CTO Paolo Ardoino announced the development on Aug 5, 2023.
$314K from 2016 Bitfinex attack returned by US Homeland Security
The digital currency exchange known as Bitfinex said on July 6 that it has been given $312,219.71 in cash together with 6.917 Bitcoin Cash by the United States Department of Homeland Security.
Just four men controlled 86% of stablecoin issuer Tether Holdings Limited
The Wall Street Journal reported that four persons owned 86% of Tether Holdings Limited in 2018.
El Salvador's Crypto Law Allows Bitcoin-Backed Bonds
Legislation authorizes a Bitcoin-backed bond to pay down national debt and build "Bitcoin City". After President Bukele ratifies the measure, it will become law. The bonds are expected to generate $1 billion for the government, half of which would fund the special economic zone.
Bitfinex, Ava Labs raise $10M for DeFi technology amid market turmoil
Onomy, a Cosmos-based ecosystem, raised millions for its innovative protocol. The project mixes decentralized finance and FX to put it on-chain. Industry forecasts predict another challenging year while keeping investors interested.
Tether Ordered by New York Judge to Document USDT Backing
The presiding judge ordered Tether to provide evidence of the USDT backing of its reserves at the time. The company is required to provide financial documents to the court.
Bitfinex Launches P2P Video Chat App Keet alongside Tether
Blockchain startups Bitfinex and Tether have launched a P2P video calling application dubbed Keet, enabling users to access applications and enjoy the freedom of speech.
Heather Morgan of Bitfinex Crypto Heist Cleared to Seek Proper Employment
American rapper and entrepreneur Heather Morgan, the defendant in the crypto fraud case of Bitfinex 2016, has been permitted by a judge to seek proper employment.
Netflix to Release Documentary on 2016 Bitfinex Hack
Netflix Inc has announced it is going to release a documentary about the 2016 Bitfinex hack, a financial crime that can earn the tag as one of the biggest financial thefts in history.

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