Libra is a cryptocurrency developed by Facebook. Libra’s mission is “a simple global currency and financial infrastructure that empowers millions of people”. Libra uses a basket of stable currencies and assets as a reserve. Libra doesn’t challenge the power of money issuance typically owned by the central government, but Libra has the potential to replace money flow services of the current financial system, further reduce the role of banks and other financial institutions in financial services.

Tether's Development Team Nears Completion of Advanced Mining Libraries
Tether's dev team is nearing completion of JavaScript libraries for mining, utilizing technology. CTO Paolo Ardoino announced the development on Aug 5, 2023.
SEC Chair Says Lummis-Gillibrand Bill Could ‘Undermine’ Market Protections
The legislation bill provides a framework that develops clear standards and defines appropriate jurisdictional boundaries.
Paypal Confirms Plans to Launch its Platform Specific Stablecoin
American payments giant Paypal Holdings Inc has confirmed it is working on its own digital currency which may take the form of a stablecoin.
Latin America E-Commerce Giant MercadoLibre Purchases $7.8 Million Worth of Bitcoin
Mercadolibre announced a $7.8 million Bitcoin purchase, believing deeply in the cryptocurrency.
Facebook's Rebranding of Libra Stablecoin to Diem May Face Copyright Infringement Lawsuit
Facebook’s idea to rebrand its Libra stablecoin project to “Diem” may not be as smooth sailing as what the corporate firm had in mind.
Facebook Digital Currency Libra Rebrands Name to Diem Ahead of Its Dollar-Backed Stablecoin Launch
Facebook-backed Libra Association has rebranded its name to the Diem Association ahead of the proposed launch of its dollar-backed stablecoin.
Facebook to Launch Libra Cryptocurrency in January 2021, But in Limited Format
According to a new developing story, Facebook expects to launch its Libra cryptocurrency in January next year, but in a limited format.
New BIS Report Advocates Using Embedded Monitoring Trackers For Stablecoins
A new report from the Bank for International Settlements has advocated the deployment of ‘Embedded Systems’ in the monitoring of global stablecoin projects.
Facebook's Libra Sparked CBDC Race, COVID-19 Made Central Banks Realize Its Necessity
Digital innovation and central bank digital currency adoption (CBDC) have been on the rise despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. What has driven CBDC forward?
Libra Association Appoints Former HSBC Executive Ian Jenkins As CRO and CFO Of Payment Systems
Libra Association has announced the appointment of former HSBC executive Ian Jenkins as chief risk officer and chief financial officer of Libra Networks.

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