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The definition of a cryptocurrency is a digital asset containing cryptographic protocols that make transactions secure and immutable. Cryptocurrencies are built on top of distributed ledger technology, blockchain — which allows it to be decentralized and immune to government control and interference. Transactions involving cryptocurrencies involve public and private keys, enabling minimal processing fees, allowing users to be able to make transfers without traditional third-party institutions.

Palantir Starts Accepting Bitcoin as Payment Method and Considers Adding Crypto to Its Balance Sheet
Palantir has become the latest public company to embrace cryptocurrency to stimulate its business growth.
Nebraska Bill Proposes Allowing State Banks to Offer Crypto Services
Nebraska is contemplating a bill that will allow state banks to offer cryptocurrency services.
Ethereum’s Dominance Increases by 19.13% as ETH Price Breaches $4,000
Ethereum's current uptrend has resulted in an increase of its dominance by 19%.
Yellen Selects Fed Associate Director Michael Hsu to Succeed Brian Brooks at OCC
US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced her intention to nominate Fed Associate Director Michael Hsu to take charge as the new acting Comptroller of Currency.
Nasdaq-Listed Metromile Backs Bitcoin for its Insurance Products
Auto insurance company Metromile is thinking of investing in Bitcoin.
SEC Chair Gary Gensler Asks Congress to Regulate Crypto Exchanges
Gary Gensler, the chairman of the SEC, has urged US Congress to create a regulatory framework for crypto exchanges in the United States.
Luxury Miami Condominium Arte Now Accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum as a Form of Payment
Arte by Antonio Citterio, a high-end luxury condominium located in Miami, announced to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method for luxury residences and developments.
Ripple Reports a 97% Increase in XRP Sales
Amid the ongoing legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Ripple has reported a solid first quarter.
Square Reaches $3.5 Billion in Bitcoin Revenue in First Quarter of 2021
Square has reported a profit of $3.51 billion in Bitcoin for the first quarter of 2021.
SEC Denies Holding Bitcoin and Ethereum Documents in XRP Case
The lawsuit between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple continues to unfold.

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