Changpeng Zhao, also known as "CZ," is the founder and CEO of Binance.

Binance.US Distances Itself from; CZ Steps Down as Chairman
Binance.US declares operational independence from, reassures customers, and remains compliant with U.S. regulations, following a $4.3 billion settlement. Chairman Changpeng Zhao steps down.
Richard Teng Signals Unchanged Core Values at Binance Amid Leadership Transition
Richard Teng, Binance's new CEO, prioritizes user protection and appeal amid leadership changes following Changpeng Zhao's resignation and $4.3 billion legal settlement for anti-money laundering violations.
CFTC's Stern Warning to Crypto Exchanges Following Binance Case
The CFTC has significantly heightened its regulatory actions against non-U.S. crypto entities, indicating a significant shift in the U.S. cryptocurrency market's regulatory landscape.
Social Media Site X Limits Changpeng Zhao's Account Access
Changpeng Zhao, former Binance CEO, faced account restriction on social media platform X amidst legal challenges, leading to widespread speculation in the crypto industry.
Binance Undergoes Leadership Shakeup Amid DOJ Investigation
Binance names Richard Teng as CEO amid Changpeng Zhao's departure due to legal issues, signaling a new leadership era as the company navigates a DOJ probe.
DOJ Seeks Over $4 Billion from Binance Amidst Years of Legal Challenges
The U.S. DOJ is demanding over $4 billion from Binance to resolve a criminal case, potentially impacting the crypto market and investor sentiment.
FTX Issues Fresh Warning on Phishing Emails and Scam Sites
FTX issues a fresh warning about phishing emails and scam sites mimicking its Debtors' portal. The alert, dated October 5, 2023, comes amid industry-wide concerns about phishing attacks, including a recent warning from Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.
Binance and CEO Changpeng Zhao Face Class-Action Lawsuit Over Alleged Market Manipulation Targeting FTX
Binance and its CEO, Changpeng Zhao, are facing a class-action lawsuit filed by plaintiff Nir Lahav, accusing them of unfair competition and SEC law violations. The lawsuit alleges that Binance manipulated the cryptocurrency market to harm competitor FTX, leading to a significant decline in FTX's utility token, FTT. The case brings into focus the broader implications of regulatory efforts in the crypto industry.
He Yi Discusses Binance's Regulatory Strategy Amid Actions Against Binance and Zhao Changpen
In a public letter, He Yi, Co-founder of Binance, discusses the company's compliance strategy, which gains significance amidst a U.S. Department of Justice inquiry initiated on May 6, 2023, 13 SEC charges, and the company's recent exit from the Russian market.
Breaking: Binance Sells Russian Operations to CommEX, Exits Market
Binance has announced the sale of its entire Russia business to CommEX, citing compliance issues as the primary reason for the exit. The transition process for existing Russian users is expected to take up to one year, with no financial strings attached to the deal for Binance.

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