Chainlink is for solving the Oracle problem within the blockchain projects. Sometimes we need to rely on the outside data sources for smart contract executions, so how to use outside data in a reliable and standard way is quite important. Chainlink is an external data provider to blockchain projects. There are many cases that the trigger and execution of smart contracts rely on conditions of external data, like climate data. The key is that external data is reliable and tamper-proof. Chainlink manages to provide a standard, process, and APIs for easy use of external data.

StarkWare partners with Chainlink
StarkWare integrates Chainlink oracle services and data feeds into its blockchain scaling platform.
Cryptex Finance to Launch NFT Index Token JPEGz in Q4
Cryptex Finance is set to launch a new JPEGz token powered by Chainlink and Coinbase Cloud.
Coinbase Partners with Chainlink Labs to Launch NFT Floor Price Service
Blockchain infrastructure protocol Coinbase Cloud and decentralized oracle network Chainlink Labs work together by launching an NFT floor price feed service.
SWIFT Works with Chainlink Labs to Develop Cross-chain Interoperability Protocol
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) has called for a partnership with the Chainlink Labs Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) to improve the efficiency of traditional finance (TradFi) on the blockchain.
Chainlink Introduces SCALE Program to Drive Ecosystem Growth
Chainlink has introduced the Chainlink SCALE program to accelerate access to oracle products and services for both Layer-1 and Layer-2 protocols.
DeFi Platform Space and Time Pulls $10m in Series A Funding
DeFi startup Space and Time has secured $10 million in a Series A funding round as the firm seeks to develop its one-in-a-kind cryptographic protocol called proof-of-SQL.
Polkadot Developers Gains Access to Chainlink Oracle Through Moonbeam Integration
Thanks to the latest integration of Chainlink oracle into the Moonbeam smart contract platform, developers in the broader Polkadot ecosystem can now access reliable price feeds as they seek to build functional DApps
CoinShares Lists Chainlink, Uniswap ETPs on Germany’s Stock Market Xetra
CoinShares has launched new physically-backed exchange-traded products (ETPs) for Chainlink and Uniswap cryptocurrencies.
Blockchain Can Improve Climate Crisis through Smart Contracts, Study Shows
Climate change is considered a desperate issue in modern times. Blockchain technology is believed to act as a stepping stone towards addressing economic complexities and interoperability when transiting to renewable energy, study shows.
Chainlink Labs Appoints Diem CTO Dahlia Malkhi as CRO
Dahlia Malkhi joins Chainlink Labs to further strengthen its external insight and to help develop research and thought leadership.

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