Bitcoin price analysis, insight and prediction.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Explains Why Bitcoin is "The Best Internet Currency"
Bitcoin (BTC) and DeFi tokens have been all the rage lately, with crypto investors anticipating BTC’s next bull run and the DeFi industry booming in growth.
Bitcoin and the Crypto Market Could Go Down Again—Market Recap and Price Analysis
Both the stock and crypto market could go down, the bitcoin price appears ready to drop.
Bitcoin Poised for a Breakout, BTC Price Shows First Buy Signal Since COVID Crypto Market Crash
Bitcoin’s price has been trading around the $10,000 level for weeks—this could all change as Bloomberg's indicators suggest.
Federal Reserve Holds 0% Interest Rates until 2023, Targets Over 2% Inflation—BTC Price Breaks $11,000
Bitcoin price spikes as Federal Reserve officials of FOMC said they will hold US interest rates close to zero and will continue to push inflation above 2% by 2023.
Bitcoin Price to Surge Above $11K or to Drop Below $10K? Factors that Could Affect BTC's Next Move
Bitcoin surged to its daily high of $10,930 and abruptly corrected after it hit the 30-day moving average, which has been a strong resistance level since Aug. 25.
Kiss' Gene Simmons and Winklevoss Discuss Bitcoin and Crypto for the Unbanked
Gene Simmons backs cryptocurrency assets and leverages Bitcoin to diversify his investment portfolio.
SEC Report Reveals MicroStrategy “May Increase” its Bitcoin Holdings Beyond Initial Purchase of $250 Million
Microstrategy has revealed in its United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) report that it “may increase” its Bitcoin (BTC) holdings.
Bitcoin Whales and Large-Scale Institutions “All-In” on Bitcoin During COVID-19, Retail Investors Are More Cautious
Coronavirus has led many investors to turn to Bitcoin as a hedge, but the way in which individual and institutional investors leverage the digital asset differ.
Why the Bitcoin Price is Predicted to Crash to $8,000 in September—is the Crypto Bull Run Over?
The Bitcoin price is at a critical level and we predict it is most likely due for a significant price correction this month—which could come as soon as the next 48 hours.
Bitcoin Price and Crypto Market Analysis: Opportunities or Risks Ahead?
Analysis of why the Bitcoin and crypto market going up and potential opportunities and risks ahead.

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