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Bitcoin Dips Below $50,000 as Price Correction Continues, What's Next?
Despite its price retracement, market analysts are still bullish on Bitcoin. What can we expect from the cryptocurrency in the upcoming days?
Reasons Why Bitcoin May Fall to the $40,000 Level
According to Glassnode, institutions and investors holding a large amount of Bitcoin reduced their holdings by 140,000 Bitcoins in February, which is equivalent to a reduction of 67.2 tenths since the beginning of this month.
Bitcoin’s Bullish Rally Comes to an End as Bond Yields Surge and Risk Assets Experience Global Sell-Off
After hitting a high of $58,300 over the weekend, things have turned for the worse as Bitcoin (BTC) has plunged by more than 20% this week.
Why Bitcoin May Have to Fight the $50K Mark a Bit Longer
Crypto trader Carl Martin believes that $50,000 might be the new resistance level that Bitcoin has to fight to continue its upward momentum.
1 Billion People Using Bitcoin in the next 4 Years Puts Price North of $500k, says 10T Holdings Co-Founder
With a projection of 1 billion people using BTC in the next four years, Dan Tapiero, the co-founder of digital asset firm 10T Holdings, believes this trend will push Bitcoin’s price above $500,000.
100,000 Bitcoin Options Scheduled to Expire in Two-Days Time, Indicating a Potential Price Plummet to $28,000
Data reveals that 100,000 BTC options are scheduled to expire on crypto exchange Deribit in two days, potentially driving Bitcoin price down to $28,000.
Bitcoin Eyes $50,000 in the Long Term as Its Battle with Gold for Best Safe-Haven Asset Continues
Crypto exchange Luno and brokerage OSL believe that Bitcoin is still in the right trajectory and is set to hit $50,000 in the long term.
Bitcoin's Key Support Level is at $27000-27,500 if BTC Pullbacks below $30,000, says Analyst
Alex, a market and crypto analyst, has acknowledged that the $27,000-27,500 is the critical support level, which ought to be watched.
Behind the Bitcoin Price Rally: FOMO Buying Which Overpowered Profit Takers
Woo’s model suggested that the estimation of Bitcoin reaching $100,000 is a very low target according to the current trajectory.
Bitcoin Breaks $20k for the First Time, the Legend Continues
Bitcoin just broke $20,000 for the first time and reached a record high, marking a milestone of an inevitable trend in money and finance.

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