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Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology is an ever-growing chain of blocks, where blocks are chained together by cryptographic guaranteed hashes. Within every block are the transaction items and other extra information.  It is a combination of a few technologies - cryptography, distributed ledger technology (DLT), Consensus and more.

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Blockchain: Technology for Sustainability
The teams of AB InBev, IECISA and Rewire were the winners of the Global Blockchain Challenge, thanks to their innovative blockchain-based solutions that excelled for their technical, business and legal development, scalability and social impact.

Blockchain Technology Implemented into Indonesia's Digital Economy
Bank Central Asia (BCA) is campaigning for Indonesian financial businesses to innovate and adopt blockchain technology to support its digital economy amidst rapid technological revolution.

CFTC’s New Chief Supports Blockchain Technology
The Commodity Futures and Trading Commissions, CFTC appointed a new chief who is also pro-crypto. Just as his predecessor J. Christopher Giancarlo, appears to have supported the established pro-crypto/pro-blockchain approach. In a recent interview, the newly appointed chief, Heath Tarbert gave a favorable opinion of blockchain technology.

How Blockchain Technology is Improving the Agricultural Sector
This implementation of the blockchain technology has led to the adoption of tactics like smart farming, which connotes the use of modern technology like Blockchain in farming practices.

Social Factors Influencing the Adoption of Blockchain Technology
Some factors could be necessary to drive the increase in the use of Blockchain technology are trust in what it has to offer and the level of awareness of this technology among people.

Google’s Quantum Technology Could Satiate Proof-of-Stake Detractors
Google’s newly achieved ‘Quantum Supremacy’ computing technology has been marked for some surprising applications in the cryptocurrency space. According to one researcher on the project, the technology could enhance the proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm.

Moody’s: Blockchain Technology to be Standardized in 2021
A research report published on September 5th by financial services company Moody’s stated that blockchain technology would most likely be standardized in 2021.

Thailand Finance Ministry Eyes Blockchain Technology to Revamp Service Delivery
Uttama Savanayana, Thailand’s Finance Minister, has revealed that his ministry wants to use blockchain technology for system upgrades intended for optimal service delivery to citizens.

ANNA Develops New Technology Strategy On Digital Assets
ANNA, a mnemonic for the Association of National Numbering Agencies apprised the public that it has developed a new technology task force on digital assets which will help to investigate the identification of digital assets in the likes of tokens and cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology.

Netherlands CBD Producers Harness Blockchain Technology for Enhanced Traceability
A consortium of Netherlands CBD producers called the Cannabinoid Association of the Netherlands (CAN) is leveraging blockchain technology to enhance traceability, accountability, and transparency in the CBD market.

How Can Blockchain Technology End Labour Market Woes?
In its usual bid to take over the technology ecosystem, blockchain technology can be instrumental in the fight against unemployment through a creative aggregation of data for easy verification. This is revealed in a research report published on June 8 and sponsored by the American Council on Education.

Alibaba to Bring Blockchain Technology to Chinese Shipping Ports
China is tapping into the potential of blockchain technology like none other; the country’s entrepreneurs and local governments alike have already started implementing blockchain-based projects while most of the globe grapples with legality issues.