Washington Developer Harbor Custom Development to Accept Payments in Crypto

Godfrey Benjamin   Jan 12, 2022 03:25

Real estate investors in Washington who is looking for a real estate agency that accepts cryptocurrencies need to look no further as Washington-based Harbor Custom Development Inc is launching the service by the end of January. 

According to a report from Rismedia, the company said it will accept “digital currencies as payment for its listed land, developed lots, residential homes, condominiums, and apartments in the company’s operating markets in Washington, California, Texas, and Florida beginning Jan. 24, 2022.”

Investors who hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, XRP, Dogecoin, SHIBA INU, Binance USD, Wrapped Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dai, Bitcoin Cash, Pax Dollar, and Gemini Dollar will be able to buy any of the firm’s existing properties or one of its upcoming projects. These include but are not limited to Mills Crossing, Bremerton: 36 townhome apartments under construction, Pacific Ridge, Tacoma: 80 condominiums under construction, and Broadmoor Commons, Bremerton: 32 townhome apartments billed for construction this month.

According to the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Sterling Griffin believes the move is significant to expose the company to additional liquidity sources.

“By accepting digital currencies, Harbor not only opens the door to entities with combined market caps exceeding $1 trillion of purchasing power but places Harbor in a first-mover position of adoption,” Sterling said in the release. “… Our clear objective is to drive shareholder value while acting as the thought leader within our industry group.” 

The utilities surrounding digital currencies are still being harnessed in various industries. From eCommerce to sports, crypto innovations are showing up as a new force for good across the board. Due to the growing popularity of digital currencies, a number of businesses are beginning to accept cryptocurrencies 

Beyond traditional companies accepting crypto payments, outfits like Paypal, and Block Inc’s Cash App are also permitting millions of merchants registered on their applications to accept payments in digital currencies.

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