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Ripple Alert: Over 400M XRP Moved from Bitvavo-Connected Wallet

Jessie A Ellis Sep 01, 2023 13:26

Whale Alert reported a $214.3 million XRP transaction on September 1, 2023, executed on the Ripple blockchain, causing widespread speculation and prompting Bitvavo, the Netherlands' largest cryptocurrency exchange, to reorganize its wallets.

Ripple Alert: Over 400M XRP Moved from Bitvavo-Connected Wallet

A Mammoth Transaction

In a transaction that has sent ripples through the cryptocurrency community, a staggering 424,354,912.78345 XRP, valued at approximately $214.3 million, was transferred from one unknown wallet to another. The transaction was reported by Whale Alert, a blockchain monitoring service, on September 1, 2023, at 6:09 pm local time (10:09:11 UTC).

Source: XRPScan

Transaction Details

The transaction was categorized as a "PAYMENT" and was executed on the Ripple blockchain.

The transaction hash is 188A6212DD4BC7BE79BFA0C442E0E60EB05FA798C9F1FC87CF66F4A55D3ECE0F.

The source wallet address is rJps4V3s9U87NDAJuGS7qX6mAdWxpcZNeX, and the destination wallet address is rp6JBQ4rLrjfXgojhqm8Eikf4nusT8miuk DT: 1000.

Bitvavo Connection

Upon further investigation, it has been revealed that the source address is connected to Bitvavo, the Netherlands' largest cryptocurrency exchange.

xrp transaction over 300M.png

Source: XRPScan

Founded in 2018, Bitvavo aims to make digital currency accessible to all. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of services for trading, storing, and managing digital assets. Notably, Bitvavo prioritizes security, storing most digital assets in cold wallets and requiring two-factor authentication for account access.

Market Implications

The substantial size of the transaction has sparked widespread speculation. Whale transactions frequently induce volatility in the cryptocurrency market, making it crucial to closely monitor subsequent activity.


Based on the connection to Bitvavo, it can be concluded that the crypto exchange is likely reorganizing its wallets, which led to this massive XRP transaction. While the purpose and the parties involved in the transaction remain undisclosed, the event has undeniably piqued the interest of market participants.

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