Fox Renews Dan Harmon Krapopolis for Third Season Amid NFT Tie-Up

Zach Anderson   Mar 06, 2023 09:38

Fox has announced that it has renewed Dan Harmon’s animated comedy series, Krapopolis, for a third season, despite the first season not even airing yet. The show is produced by Fox Corp’s NFT firm, Blockchain Creative Labs, and features NFTs called “Krap Chickens.” These NFTs depict cartoon chicken avatars in the same art style as the show and offer holders exclusive access to experiences, content, rewards, and voting rights on certain aspects of the show. Fox’s president of scripted programming, Michael Thorn, expressed his faith in Harmon and his work, saying, “We’re so bullish about the work that we want to support and its ability to find an audience and succeed. While [a third season order] is atypical, it was a no-brainer for us with Krapopolis.” The show is set in ancient Greece and follows a “flawed family of humans, gods and monsters that try to run one of the world’s first cities without killing each other.” The cast includes Richard Ayode, Matt Berry, Pam Murphy, Duncan Trussell, and Hannah Waddingham.

In other NFT-related news, Baobab Studios sold out its first collection of 8,888 NFTs just nine hours after launch. The collection is called “Momoguro” and is tied to an upcoming role-playing game on layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution, ImmutableX. The game has breeding elements and quests in a world named “Uno Plane,” with NFTs being a key part of the gaming experience. According to data from CryptoSlam, the NFTs have generated $8.1 million worth of secondary sales to date, with $7.6 million coming on the day of launch.

Flare, a Layer 1 Ethereum Virtual Machine blockchain, welcomed its first NFT platform after Sparkles went live. The platform is set to hone in on the interoperability of native Flare protocols to increase use cases for NFT utility.

Additionally, Square Enix’s NFT-friendly CEO, Yosuke Matsuda, is stepping down after nearly 10 years at the helm. The move won’t be finalized until an annual shareholders meeting in May, but Takashi Kiryu has been named as his successor. While Web3 and NFTs weren’t explicitly mentioned in the notification from Square Enix, the firm did indicate that it is still looking to push on with new tech integrations, suggesting its blockchain-related plans may remain unhindered. Matsuda had previously taken a bullish position on Web3 gaming and emphasized Square Enix’s devotion to “aggressive investment and business development efforts” in the space in 2022 and beyond.

Finally, Magic Eden has launched a “Mint Madness” campaign that offers free access or “free mints” to 13 Web3 games in March. The campaign went live on March 3 and is spread across Polygon, Ethereum, and Solana, with nine, three, and one games on each platform, respectively. Magic Eden is also offering a 20,000 Polygon (MATIC) prize pool worth roughly $23,200. The prizes will go to the top 10 traders of the NFTs related to nine of the new games based on Polygon, with the top prize fetching 4,500 MATIC ($5,220). The full list of available games during the promotion includes Planet Mojo, Meta Star Strikers, Alaska Gold Rush, Shrapnel, Petobots, Blast Royale, Rogue Nation, Tearing Spaces, Freckle Trivia, Realm Hunter, Legendary: Heroes Unchained, Shrapnel, and Papu Superstars.

The NFT market continues to grow and expand, with more companies and industries embracing the technology. From animated comedy series to role-playing games, NFTs are being used to provide exclusive access and rewards to holders. Fox’s renewal of Krapopolis for a third season before the first season even airs is a testament to the potential success of NFT tie-ins with media and entertainment. Baobab Studios’ successful sale of its Momoguro NFT collection further highlights the growing interest in NFTs in the gaming industry. With the launch of the Mint Madness campaign by Magic Eden, NFT holders can now get access to a range of Web3 games and potentially win prizes. As the NFT market continues to mature, we can expect to see more creative and innovative use cases for the technology.


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