Bitcoin Online Courses Skyrocket by 300% in The Wake of Coronavirus

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Many people are enrolling for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin online courses as COVID-19 has necessitated measures like quarantines, social distancing, and lockdowns. As the world continues grappling with this infectious disease, people have been made to change their daily lifestyles and settle for alternatives like the online space for knowledge acquisition. 

Bitcoin courses fill the void

Online learning is being favored because many are finding themselves with sufficient time as movement is hindered based on stringent measures like lockdowns. As a result, this has triggered the interest of people to learn more about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

This trend is acknowledged by Udemy, a popular online learning platform, that has witnessed a fourfold rise in demand for the crypto and Bitcoin courses is offered in March. 

A Udemy member noted, “What we see on the Udemy platform is that demand for Bitcoin/cryptocurrency-related courses has quadrupled in the past month.”

Coursera, another sought after online learning resource, also recorded an upward surge in Bitcoin classes last month as compared to a similar period in 2019. 

A Coursera member attested, “In March, we saw a 293% increase in the total number of enrollments on our platform and a 200% increase for Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin courses specifically.”

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency courses are being viewed as an ideal way of filling the void of staying at home.

Interest in Bitcoin rises

According to a report by Baidu, a Chinese multinational technology company offering internet-related services, Bitcoin searches rose by 183% in February. This was triggered by the fact that many nations had asked people to follow precautionary measures like working from home needed when tackling COVID-19. 

These statistics coincide with the fact that people’s interest in Bitcoin and crypto courses has soared as they seek to quench their thirst for knowledge in this sector despite the pandemic wreaking havoc. 


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