Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers Proposes Bills to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender

Zach Anderson   Jan 28, 2023 14:17

The person who is principally responsible for the introduction of various legislation relating to cryptocurrencies is Senator Wendy Rogers of Arizona, who was elected to represent the state of Arizona in the United States Senate. One of these laws offers a proposal that, within the borders of the state of Arizona, would recognise bitcoin (BTC) as a recognised form of legal money that may be utilised. There are now a number of legislation that deal with the regulation of alternative cryptocurrencies that are making their way through the legislative process.

In a tweet that she published not too long ago, Rogers revealed that she was involved in the distribution of a batch of bitcoin banknotes. This information was made public. In addition to this, she referenced research that was carried out by the illustrious financial organisation Goldman Sachs, which reveals that Bitcoin is the asset that has performed the best in each and every location of the globe. According to these figures, Bitcoin seems to be the asset that has done the best anywhere else in the globe.

If one of the procedures that have been stated above is followed out, there is a possibility that Bitcoin (BTC) may be recognised as a legal form of money in the state of the United States. This acceptance might come as soon as 2019. Bitcoin will be given the same status as the United States dollar and will become a mode of exchange that is acceptable for the payment of debts, public charges, taxes, and dues in the state if the measure is ultimately enacted into law. This is provided that the measure is ultimately enacted into law. In the future, the value of one bitcoin will be equivalent to that of one dollar in the United States. Things will play out just like this in the event that the plan is finally converted into legislation.

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