Over Half of Fortune 100 Companies Embrace Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3, Reveals Coinbase Report

Zach Anderson   Jun 22, 2023 17:20

According to a recent report released by Coinbase, more than half of the Fortune 100 companies in the US have been actively pursuing crypto, blockchain, or web3 initiatives since the beginning of 2020. This surge in adoption is driven by the recognition that the outdated global financial system needs modernization and the need to stay competitive in the global economy. The report highlights that 83% of surveyed Fortune 500 executives familiar with cryptocurrency or blockchain have existing initiatives or plans for the future. However, the lack of clear regulations and a perceived challenge to US leadership in the global financial system remain significant barriers to adoption. The report emphasizes the importance of establishing clear rules to support innovation, job creation, and maintain the US's position as a global leader in the industry.

Key Points:

  • More than half (52%) of the Fortune 100 companies have pursued crypto, blockchain, or web3 initiatives since 2020.
  • Approximately 60% of the Fortune 100 initiatives reported since 2022 are in the pre-launch stage or already launched.
  • Tech, financial services, and retail sectors account for the majority (about 75%) of the initiatives undertaken by Fortune 100 companies.
  • Fortune 100 companies have invested in 109 private venture capital rounds for crypto blockchain startups, totaling over $8 billion since 2017.
  • Blockchain technology is driving corporate innovation, with data collection and management being a top use case and focus for planned initiatives among Fortune 500 companies.
  • The lack of clear regulations for crypto, blockchain, and web3 technologies is a major barrier and a perceived challenge to US leadership in the global financial system.
  • Clear rules are crucial for sustaining innovation, job creation, and maintaining US influence in the industry.
  • Failure to establish clear rules could result in the loss of 1 million web3 developer jobs and 3 million related non-technical jobs to other countries by 2030.
  • The US has experienced a decline in its share of global web3 development from 40% to 29% in the last six years, leading to decreased influence over financial and data standards.

The report underscores the urgent need for policymakers to develop new rules that specifically address the unique challenges and opportunities presented by crypto, blockchain, and web3 technologies. By doing so, the US can foster innovation, job growth, and maintain its position as a global leader in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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