A way to measure computational steps necessary for a transaction on the Ethereum network that then equates to a fee for network users. More intensive actions require more gas.

Opinion: Why Ethereum’s ‘Merge’ Won't Lower Gas Fees?
The Merge won’t make the network much faster or be able to process more transactions per second, which means gas fees won’t change much.
Ethereum 2.0: Upcoming Upgrade Will Not Eradicate High Gas Fees
The Ethereum Foundation (EF) has debunked some of the misconceptions related to the upcoming merge of the Ethereum network’s Beacon Chain, saying that gas fees would not be eradicated.
ExxonMobil to Mine Bitcoin with Excess Natural Gas
Energy producer giant ExxonMobil has launched a pilot program that will convert this excess natural gas into energy that powers mobile generators that can mine Bitcoin.
Ethereum Median Fees Slip to 6-Month Low, Will this Reignite Rebound?
Ethereum's median fees dropped to lows not seen since July 2021, raising the question of whether a rebound is on the horizon.
Samsung Electronics to Use Blockchain in Climate-Focused Reafforestation Program
Samsung Electronics America has committed to the planting of 2 million Mangrove trees in Madagascar in a bid to advance its quota on the fight against climate change.
Ethereum Fees Have Grown 10-Fold Since Q4 2020, Showing High Demand and Willingness to Pay
Gas fees in the Ethereum network have increased ten times since the fourth quarter of 2020.
Ethereum’s Median Fee Hit a 4-Month Low, while Address Activity Soaring to a 7-Month High
Ethereum users have a sigh of relief because median fees have dropped to $5.50 per transaction from highs of $34.18 last month.
Ethereum’s Price Going through the Roof, Subject to Renewed Interest from Short-Term Traders
Ethereum’s surge to historic highs has renewed the discussion of whether the altcoin season is back as short-term traders' interest soars.
Ethereum Transfer Demand Increases as Average Gas Fees Hit a 3-Month High
The Ethereum network has been experiencing high demand, as evidenced by an uptick in transfers and average gas fees.
Major Strip Club in Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3 Accepts Bitcoin as Payment
Las Vegas-based adult strip club Crazy Horse 3 has announced the acceptance of bitcoin as a payment method, aiming to provide customers with a more private way to enjoy facilities and services.

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