A way to measure computational steps necessary for a transaction on the Ethereum network that then equates to a fee for network users. More intensive actions require more gas.

BNB Chain and MetaMask Resolve Glitch Affecting opBNB Gas Fees
BNB Chain and MetaMask have successfully addressed a glitch that led to the display of inflated gas fees for opBNB transactions. The issue was rooted in MetaMask's default algorithm, which set a minimum recommended gas price based on averages across various Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks. This has been corrected, and users can now benefit from opBNB's lower gas fees for faster and more cost-effective transactions.
Fantom's Evolution: From Technical Innovations to Ecosystem Expansion
Fantom continues to innovate despite facing challenges in its DeFi ecosystem. With planned technical upgrades and a focus on growing its developer community, the network aims for a robust and diversified blockchain ecosystem.
Trader Spends $118k in Ether on Memecoin
A single trader has spent $118,000 in gas fees on the Ethereum network to purchase $155,000 worth of memecoin called Four (FOUR). The trader paid $119,157 in Ether (ETH) for a Uniswap trade of 84 Wrapped Ether (WETH) for 13.8 billion FOUR tokens. The rise in gas fees has caused debates in the crypto community over its impact on mass adoption.
Ethereum Network's Gas Fees Skyrocket Amid Memecoin Frenzy
Ethereum's gas fees have hit a new multi-month high due to the growing memecoin frenzy. While this has brought in more revenue for the network, it has also caused congestion and difficulty in processing transactions.
USDC Holders Panic Sell Amid Solvency Concerns
On March 10, concerns about the solvency of USD Coin (USDC) led several holders to panic sell their holdings and switch to other stablecoins. One user lost over 2 million USDC in a failed attempt to exchange them for Tether (USDT) using KyberSwap's decentralized exchange aggregator. Tron founder Justin Sun reportedly withdrew 82 million USDC and exchanged them for Dai (DAI) using Aave v2, while IOSG Ventures sold 118.73 million USDC for 105.67 million USDT and 2,756 Ether (ETH). The USDC price has since slowly recovered, and Circle, the company behind USDC, disclosed holding $3.3 billion at the Silicon Valley Bank.
Opinion: Why Ethereum’s ‘Merge’ Won't Lower Gas Fees?
The Merge won’t make the network much faster or be able to process more transactions per second, which means gas fees won’t change much.
Ethereum 2.0: Upcoming Upgrade Will Not Eradicate High Gas Fees
The Ethereum Foundation (EF) has debunked some of the misconceptions related to the upcoming merge of the Ethereum network’s Beacon Chain, saying that gas fees would not be eradicated.
ExxonMobil to Mine Bitcoin with Excess Natural Gas
Energy producer giant ExxonMobil has launched a pilot program that will convert this excess natural gas into energy that powers mobile generators that can mine Bitcoin.
Ethereum Median Fees Slip to 6-Month Low, Will this Reignite Rebound?
Ethereum's median fees dropped to lows not seen since July 2021, raising the question of whether a rebound is on the horizon.
Samsung Electronics to Use Blockchain in Climate-Focused Reafforestation Program
Samsung Electronics America has committed to the planting of 2 million Mangrove trees in Madagascar in a bid to advance its quota on the fight against climate change.

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