FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange built by traders, for traders.

FTX’s leveraged tokens provide a clean, automated way for users to get leverage. The BULL and BEAR tokens automatically manage their exposure, rebalancing daily to maintain their target leverage and prevent liquidations.

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FTX Abandoned Discussions to Celsius Network Acquisition - Report
FTX rejected the deal to bail out or buy crypto lending firm Celsius. FTX decided to shut down the negotiations and walked away after it found out a "$2 billion hole" in Celsius’ balance sheet.
Morgan Creek Digital to Raise $250m, Balancing BlockFi's Bailout from FTX
Bailing out the crypto lending platform BlockFi has come off as one of the most significant endeavours for early investors in the company such as Morgan Creek Digital.
FTX Denies Making Internal Deliberations on How to Acquire Robinhood
Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX Derivatives Exchange is reportedly making internal deliberations on how to acquire Nasdaq-listed brokerage firm Robinhood Markets Inc.
FTX US Acquires Clearing Firm Embed, Enhancing its Stock Offerings
FTX US has announced the acquisition of Embed Financial Technologies Inc., including its wholly-owned subsidiary Embed Clearing LLC for an undisclosed sum.
BlockFi Lands $250m Credit Facility from FTX Derivatives Exchange
Struggling digital assets company BlockFi has received a $250 million credit facility from FTX Derivatives Exchange as it looks to survive the current downturn in the crypto industry.
Fed Is Driving Current Downturn, Crypto Billionaire Says
While investors have become increasingly concerned with rising inflation, the Fed planned to address it by hiking interest rates. The central bank has been clear with regards to what it would do to control inflation.
FTX CEO Says Company Set to Spend Billions on Acquisitions: Bloomberg
Sam Bankman-Fried said his company is awash with excess liquidity and drawing on this, FTX Derivatives exchange is set to make a number of strategic acquisitions moving forward.
FTX Quietly Seeks to Buy Brokerage Startups Amid Move into Stock Trading
FTX has reached out quietly to at least three stock trading start-ups seeking an acquisition. The deals come as the crypto exchange recently launched stock trading.
Sam Bankman-Fried Donates $16m to Democratic Super PACs in April: Bloomberg
FTX Derivatives Exchange’s Chief Executive Officer Sam Bankman-Fried has doubled down in his donations to Democratic-led Super Political Action Committees (PACs), with a total donation of $16 million in April.
FTX.US Has Opened a New Headquarters in Chicago
FTX US has opened its headquarters in Chicago as it seeks to strengthen its business and solidify its base with United States regulators.

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