The set of rules of a system that governs how data is exchanged and transmitted. This term is often used to describe the technology behind certain blockchains and the rules that govern each specific blockchain network.

Aurora-Based Liquidity Protocol Bastion Raises $9m in Series A
Bastion has announced a $9 million Series A funding which was led by the hedge fund manager, Three Arrow Capital.
Astra Protocol Hires Ex-Trump Chief of Staff Mulvaney as Strategic Adviser
Mulvaney will leverage his extensive experience in U.S. economic policymaking and governance to help drive Astra Protocol’s next stage of growth.
Near Protocol Raises $350m in Funding Led by Tiger Global
Near Protocol, a layer-1 blockchain network has pulled massive funds from investors cutting across both the traditional finance and crypto industries.
Terra-Based Anchor Protocol Hits $12b in Total UST Deposits
Anchor Protocol, a lending and borrowing protocol built atop the Terra blockchain network, its total UST stablecoins deposit has hit 12 billion, a show of the massive embrace it is currently receiving from the Terra ecosystem.
CowDAO Pulls $23m in Funding to Power EVM Interoperability
CoWDAO, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization behind the CoW Protocol, has raised the sum of $23 million from a mixture of private investors and the platform’s community members.
Top 3 Altcoins With the Biggest Gains for the Week: LUNA, ANC & WAVES
A number of altcoins maintained an impressive growth outlook over the trailing 7-days period this article is a review of the top highest earners for the week.
Aave's Stani Kulechov Launches Social Media Platform “Lens Protocol”
Stani Kulechov, the founder of DeFi lending protocol, Aave, has spearheaded the emergence of “Lens Protocol”.
Burnt Ether Tops 1 Million ETH as Non-Zero Ethereum Addresses Break the Record
Ethereum has been making notable strides in terms of burnt Ether after crossing the 1 million ETH mark.
$12M in Bitcoin Stolen from pNetwork DeFi Protocol
A vulnerability in pNetwork allowed the thief to run away with the funds. The DeFi network is now begging the hacker to return the money.
Celo Co-Leads $100M Capital Raise with Other Major Crypto Protocols to Support DeFi Adoption
Celo, a smartphone-driven blockchain platform, is raising the initial 100 million funding through collaboration with other top DeFi protocols to promote DeFi adoption among mobile phone users worldwide.

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