SEC Accuses Kraken of Operating Without Registration, Alleges Mixing of Funds
The SEC has accused Kraken of operating as an unregistered securities exchange, broker, dealer, and clearing agency, accusing it of commingling customer and company funds and deficient internal controls.
Bittrex Global to End Trading on Dec 4, 2023
Bittrex Global, a Liechtenstein-based cryptocurrency exchange, will cease operations on December 4, 2023, following regulatory challenges and legal proceedings, requiring customers to convert U.S. dollar holdings.
Former Bithumb Chairman Lee Jeong-hoon Faces 8-Year Prison Sentence in Appeal
Former Bithumb Chairman Lee Jeong-hoon faces fraud charges over botched deal with BK Group Chairman Kim Byung-gun, awaiting an 8-year sentence, impacting governance and crypto industry regulatory landscape.
US Bitcoin Corp-Hut 8 Merger Progresses Amid Celsius Plan Approval
US Bitcoin Corp has secured court approval for its merger with Hut 8 Mining Corp, marking a significant step towards managing its assets and listing on Nasdaq and the Toronto Stock Exchange.
BC Technology Group Halts Trading Amid Notifiable Transaction
BC Technology Group Limited halted trading on Hong Kong Stock Exchange due to pending announcement about potential sale of crypto platform OSL, valued at $128 million.
Boosting Trade Efficiency: XRPL's fixReducedOffersV1 Upgrade
The XRPL's fixReducedOffersV1 amendment, which has achieved 80% consensus, is in a two-week activation countdown, enhancing DEX functionality and addressing reduced offers in order books.
Ex-FTX Execs Launch New Crypto Exchange Backpack
Former FTX executives, Can Sun, are launching Backpack Exchange in Dubai, aiming to raise $100 million for customer fund security and advanced technology.
Sushi Launches on Filecoin, Expanding Decentralized Exchange Services
Sushi, a prominent decentralized exchange, is now integrated on Filecoin, enhancing its cross-chain capabilities and launching a special NFT to commemorate the collaboration.
SEC Chair Gensler Open to Lawful Revival of FTX
SEC Chair Gary Gensler emphasizes regulatory standards as FTX considers legal and compliant return, following founder Sam Bankman-Fried's conviction, marking a pivotal moment in crypto regulation.
Kazakhstan Blocks Coinbase, Citing Digital Asset Law
Kazakhstan's Ministry of Culture and Information has blocked Coinbase due to legal conflicts with digital asset regulations, revisiting previous restrictions on other financial platforms.

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