Blockchain Ecosystem Suffers Over $9.8B Worth Security Lost in 2021
According to Snowmist, the blockchain industry has been well characterized by cryptocurrency crimes, money laundering, fraud, cases of theft, drug trafficking, and mining crimes all of which occur frequently.
At Least $150M Stolen by Hackers: BitMart CEO Confirms; While Security Firm Estimates More
BitMart experienced a large-scale security breach in which hackers were able to withdraw assets valued at up to approximately $150m, according to the cryptocurrency trading platform's CEO.
Ransomware Masterminds Arrested in Ukraine in Joint Investigative Operation
A joint strike action between Europol and other international crime enforcement agencies has led to the arrest of two ransomware gang members.
About 6,000 Users Falls Trap as Victims under Phishing Attack: Coinbase
The Nasdaq-listed trading platform, Coinbase, says about 6,000 of its users were suffering as victims of a phishing attack that saw user's balances cleared.
$12M in Bitcoin Stolen from pNetwork DeFi Protocol
A vulnerability in pNetwork allowed the thief to run away with the funds. The DeFi network is now begging the hacker to return the money.
Cream Finance Promise to Refund Stolen Funds in its $462M Protocol Exploit
Cream Finance has plans to refund victims of its latest network attack.
Australians Lost Over $70M to Scam Crypto Investments in H1 2021
Australians continue to suffer from online scams. More than half of the $70 million in losses were to cryptocurrency, especially through Bitcoin, a study says.
Hong Kong Police Crackdowns Crypto Investment Scam, involving $11M HKD
Hong Kong police announced Friday the authority has dismantled a cryptocurrency investment scam involving as much as 60 million Hong Kong dollars. At least 19 people are under arrest.
Hong Kong Customs Arrests Four Men in Alleged $155M Crypto Laundering
Hong Kong Customs announced Thursday that the authority had dismantled a local cryptocurrency money-laundering syndicate involving HK$1.2 billion ($US 155 million). The operation is considered the first case for the same kind in the city.
$3.6B Worth Bitcoins Scam, Founders of South African Crypto Exchange Africrypt Are Missing
The total value of $3.6 billion Bitcoins disappeared while the founders of South African cryptocurrency exchange AfriCrypt are missing.

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