Blockchains incorporate several important features such as immutability, encryption and distributed storage, which combined makes secure peer-to-peer transactions possible and in turn has created the means to end human dependence on credit and thus credit intermediaries. Due to these features, blockchain has been referred to as ‘the Trust Machine’ and is forecasted to transfer the trust from agencies and institutions which are enforced by law to machine-based networks guaranteed by technology and mathematics.

Minima Blockchain Network Reaches 120,000 Complete Nodes, Surpasses Bitcoin Node Count
The history of blockchain has witnessed another level higher with the number of Minima complete nodes surpassing the number of Bitcoin full nodes.
ShareRing Integrates New Website with Blockchain-Based Digital Identities
To tackle the challenge of the loss of autonomy on personal data experienced in Web2, ShareRing has launched a new website with blockchain-powered digital identities that will usher in the Web3 era.
Only1 Launches First Web3.0 Social NFT Platform Built on Solana
Only1, a decentralized web3 social platform, is set to revolutionize how consumers use the social media landscape. Only1 pivots into a creator economy solution to eliminate intermediaries and allow creators to monetise their content easily.
Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange Limited( announces M+A with Technicorum Holdings, creating USD100million valuation company in Singapore
Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange Limited (, a leading digital asset exchange in Hong Kong, today announced that the company has entered a joint strategic partnership and merger and acquisition with Technicorum Holdings (, diving further into the $163 billion annual global blockchain market. Launches Blockchain-based File-Sharing Platform for Data Monetization Management, a machine learning-based blockchain platform, has rolled out an end-to-end encrypted file-sharing platform dubbed DabbaFlow to simplify and accelerate data sharing.
Roger Ver Owes CoinFlex $47 Million in USDC, Says CEO
CoinFlex CEO Mark Lamb has revealed through a Twitter thread that crypto investor Roger Ver owes the company $47 million in USDC.
CoinFlex Issues New Token by Offering 20% Annual Return amid Halting Withdrawals
CoinFlex has announced plans to raise funds by issuing a new token that will offer a 20% annual return while the exchange is still halting their withdrawals service, according to a report from Bloomberg.
How Blockchain Will Break Down Barriers to Asset Management?
To tackle issues like global inequality, blockchain is believed one of the ways to break down barriers to asset management among traditional finance sector.
BTSE Launches BTC and ETH Earn Products
Digital asset exchange platform BTSE announced the launch of its Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) earn products that enable users to generate passive income.
Hex Trust Announces Integration of Polkadot Blockchain Network
Hong Kong-based digital asset custody provider Hex Trust announced the integration of Polkadot blockchain network into Hex Safe.

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