A Satoshi refers to the smallest unit of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency 0.00000001 BTC. Named after the creator of the Bitcoin protocol Satoshi Nakamoto.

UK Court of Appeal Examines Copyright Claims over Bitcoin File Format
UK Court of Appeal reviews Dr. Craig Wright's claim of copyright infringement over the Bitcoin File Format. Wright alleges he is Bitcoin's creator, 'Satoshi Nakamoto'. The case's outcome could impact digital asset copyrights.
What is Bitcoin Ordinals?
Bitcoin Ordinals, introduced in January 2023 by Casey Rodarmor, are a way to inscribe digital content on the Bitcoin blockchain.
Greenpeace's Bitcoin Art Piece Praised by Supporters
Environmental group Greenpeace commissioned an art piece dubbed the "Skull of Satoshi" to highlight the climate impact of Bitcoin mining, but the piece has been praised by Bitcoin supporters who want to adopt it as their mascot. The 11-feet-tall skull features the Bitcoin logo and red laser eyes, with "smoking stacks" made of recycled electronic waste to represent the fossil fuel and coal pollution caused by Bitcoin mining.
Satoshi Nakamoto's last unfinished project inspires this new online marketplace disruptor in the crypto space
A fork of Bitcoin, known as Particl, has announced the completion of an eBay-style marketplace that’s been integrated into its wallet. Built using blockchain smart contracts, the marketplace is derived from an original concept first proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto.
Trezor Hires Jan Andrascik as Chief Information Security Officer
In the new role, Jan Andraščík is tasked with protecting SatoshiLabs’ data, systems, and physical security.
Satoshi Island Secures Endorsement from Vanuatu PM to Build Bitcoin Island
Satoshi Island Limited, the startup that is committed to building the crypto capital of the world as a smart city in Vanuatu, has announced it has secured approval for its project from the Prime Minister of Vanuatu.
Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Elon Musk's Latest Guess Comes as No Surprise
Elon Musk emphatically noted that Satoshi might just be Nick Szabo, a computer scientist, legal scholar, and cryptographer known for his digital contracts and digital currency research.
Self-Acclaimed Bitcoin Inventor Craig Wright Vindicated in Kleiman Lawsuit
A federal jury in Miami has vindicated self-acclaimed Bitcoin (BTC) inventor Craig Wright in a lawsuit involving him and his late business partner, Dave Kleiman.
COPA Sues Self-Declared Bitcoin Founder Craig Wright
Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA), an initiative created by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s payment company Square, has moved to sue Craig Wright over the Bitcoin white paper.
Satoshi Nakamoto Will be the World’s Richest Person if Bitcoin Hits $181,000
Crypto analyst Joseph Young has said that Satoshi Nakamoto will be the world's richest person if Bitcoin was to hit $181,000.

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