DoJ stands for the United States Department of Justice which is responsible for the enforcement of the law and administration of justice.

FBI Arrests 2 Hackers for Ransomware and “Crypto-Jacking” Scams, 5 Chinese Suspects Still at Large
The DoJ and the FBI seized two criminals connected to a cybercrime targeting over 100 companies in the US and abroad with ransomware, crypto jacking and more.
US Sanctions Crypto Addresses of Russian Hackers Accused of Running Presidential Election Interference
The US has released a sanctions list of Russians and their crypto addresses, under allegations that they have been interfering with the presidential election.
DoJ Charges BitClub Promoter for Role in $722 Million Crypto Fraud Scheme
A Californian man pleaded guilty for his involvement in perpetrating BitClub Network, a cryptocurrency mining scheme that generated at least $722 million.
United States DoJ Files to Freeze Assets of OneCoin Money Launderer and Recoup $400 Million
The United States Department of Justice has filed to freeze the assets of OneCoin Money Launderer Mark Scott, and Recoup $400 Million.
Russian Man Charged For Offering $1 Million in Bitcoin to United States Employee to Install Malware in Company’s Network
Russian citizen arrested and charged for trying to recruit an employee to plant malware on a company’s computer network in Nevada, US.
Democrats Request Trump Administration Briefing on Enormous Seizure of Cryptocurrency Terrorism Funding
House Democrats have asked the Trump Administration for a debriefing on the enormous Bitcoin and crypto seizure intended for Hamas, al-Qaeda, and Islamic State terrorists.
Uber’s Former Security Chief Charged for Using $100K Bitcoin Hush Payment to Hide Data Breach
Former Chief Security Officer at Uber, Joseph Sullivan, has been charged with allegedly paying $100K in Bitcoin to hackers to cover up a company data breach.
US Prosecutors Unseal Indictment of $20 Million Dollar Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme
US prosecutors have recently indicted a group of investment scammers who have orchestrated a cryptocurrency mining fraud following a Ponzi scheme protocol.
DOJ Extradites Bitcoin Thief From Cyprus Along With Hezbollah Terrorist
The US Department of Justice has extradited two criminals from Cyprus—one with known connections to terrorism and the other on suspicion of stealing thousands in Bitcoin.
SEC Charges Disgraced Lobbyist Jack Abramoff With Fraud for AML Bitcoin ICO
Political lobbyist Jack Abramoff and Marcus Andrade, CEO of the NAC Foundation, have been charged with fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for misrepresenting their token’s compliance. The pair also face criminal charges with the Department of Justice (DOJ) for money laundering.

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