A decentralized application, or Dapp, is an open-source software application that is decentralized and has its code running on a peer-to-peer network rather than a single computer or centralized server.

EOS EVM Mainnet Launch Improves Interoperability Between EOS and Ethereum
The EOS Network Foundation has launched the EOS EVM mainnet, which emulates Ethereum's Virtual Machine and aims to improve interoperability between EOS and Ethereum. This allows for the deployment of decentralized applications (DApps) written in Solidity, offering access to lower fees and faster transactions of the EOS network. Other projects have also been prioritizing EVM compatibility, including Astar Network's smart contracts and Polygon's zkEVM.
Demand for Zilliqa Blockchain in Play-to-Earn Games Gains Steam
Zilliqa, a public blockchain that offers solutions to decentralized applications (dapps) and enterprises, is emerging as one of the sought-after networks in the esports industry based on notable partnerships.
Coinbase CEO Armstrong and Tech Giant Apple Butt Heads over Crypto and dApps
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has voiced his disappointment over Apple’s lack of flexibility on decentralized applications (dApps) operating on its App store.
ArcBlock Blockchain Platform 1.0 to Hasten Development of Decentralized Networks
ArcBlock has released an updated framework called ArcBlock Blockchain Platform 1.0. It will assist businesses and developers to quickly manage and build decentralized applications and blockchain networks.

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