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Will BlackRock monopolize the entire crypto market?
BlackRock Inc., who amassed $10 trillion in assets under management at the end of last year, and was even dubbed the "fourth branch of government" is making headlines with its plans to offer crypto trading via its Aladdin platform, lend money using crypto assets as collateral, and become the primary manager of Circle's USDC cash reserves.
USDC Issuer Circle Secures $400M Funding from Fidelity and BlackRock
Circle, the company behind USD Coin (USDC), has bagged funding worth $400 million from different players, including Fidelity Management, BlackRock Inc, and Research LLC, signalling traditional finance interest in the crypto space.
BlackRock CEO Believes Russia-Ukraine War in Boosting Crypto Adoption
BlackRock Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Larry Fink commented on the role of digital currencies in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Fink believes countries would be more active to embrace crypto.
The Crypto Market Accumulates BTC, But Lacks Catalyst for Explosive Rise. Top DeFi Losers
The Crypto Market Accumulates BTC, But Lacks Catalyst for Explosive Rise. Top DeFi Losers
SEC’s Filing Shows Blackrock Made $369,137 Profits on Its Bitcoin Futures
BlackRock has made $369,137 from its investment into Bitcoin futures, according to SEC’s filing. Despite crypto volatility, the investment firm is on a trajectory to more from its Bitcoin futures investments.
Blackrock CEO Says Low Bitcoin Demand from their Clients
The bear market could have an impact on the demand from big investors to embrace Bitcoin. Larry Fink, the BlackRock investment asset management company CEO, has said that there is no demand for crypto among their clients recently.
February 18, 2021: Crypto Price Analysis for BTC, ETH, and DOT
As BlackRock has announced its intent to "dabble in Bitcoin", the cryptocurrency has continued its surge, along with Ethereum (ETH) and Polkadot (DOT).
BlackRock Filings Signal the Giant Asset Management Firm Could Start Bitcoin Futures Trading
Blackrock investment management giant has filed documents with the SEC suggesting that the firm is set to dive into the crypto futures trading.
BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Says Bitcoin Can Evolve Into Global Asset and Impact Dollar
Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock the world's largest asset manager with $7.4 trillion assets under management, says Bitcoin can evolve into a global asset and impact the US dollar.
BlackRock, Vanguard, and Norway Now Indirectly Own $110 Million of Bitcoin, Ahead of Stock Sell-Off
This huge acquisition of Bitcoin enabled Norway, Vanguard Group, and BlackRock to indirectly own more than 10,000 Bitcoin (BTC) altogether.

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