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Exclusive: Why Sharding is a Bad idea to Solve Blockchain Trilemma?
In Part 2 of the interview, Fan Long shares with us the technical breakthrough of Conflux Chain, including the use of tree graph and directed acyclic graph! Long also compares Conflux Chain with competitors like Algorand and he explained to us why sharding is a bad idea to solve blockchain trilemma!

Donald Trump is “Not a Fan” of Bitcoin and Crypto, Citing High Volatility
“I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money.” Donald Trump tweeted on 11 July.

FC Barcelona Enters the Crypto Space with Blockchain-Propelled Fan Engagement Platform
FC Barcelona, one of the most successful and envied football clubs in the world, has joined hands with Chiliz, a fintech firm, in the provision of a blockchain-powered fan-engagement platform.

Bakkt Opens Long-Awaited Bitcoin Warehouse For Deposit and Withdrawal
Bakkt has finally announced the launch of its long-awaited for the withdrawal and deposit of Bitcoin, Bakkt had said in its announcement that it's potential clients are customers who are willing to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin.

Justin Sun Finally Got His Long-Awaited $4.57 Million Dinner with Warren Buffett
Founder of TRON, cryptocurrency entrepreneur Justin Sun had his long-awaited $4.57 million charity auctioned meal with Warren Buffett. Here's what happened.

Exclusive: How Turing Award Winner Prof. Andrew Yao Contributes to Conflux Chain in 3 Ways?
Building a scalable public blockchain requires great minds in computer science and cryptography. How does it feel when you have the only Chinese recipient of Turing Award, Professor Andrew Chi-Chih Yao in your team?

First Crypto-Native Bank to be Launched in the United States by Former Wall Street Executive
Former Wall Street executive and blockchain laws advocate Caitlin Long has seized the opportunity to establish the first crypto-native bank in the United States. This opportunity came as an advantage as the Wyoming legislature has been progressive, and Long previously helped Wyoming to enact thirteen blockchain-enabling laws.

List of Important Resources on Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
Blockchain has the potential to change the whole monetary and financial industry. But it would take a long way to go, as currently, the money issuance power is in hands of central banks, being one of the key powers. The compromised way of welcoming the blockchain adoption in the monetary and financial industry is the central bank issued stablecoin - CDBC.

South Korean Advocates for Institutionalization of Cryptocurrencies via Bitcoin Derivatives
A South Korean commission dubbed the 4th Industrial Revolution Commission has proposed that the government ought to permit financial institutions to establish cryptocurrency-based products, such as Bitcoin derivatives as they will be instrumental in the long-term institutionalization of cryptocurrencies.

拥有丰富在华尔街工作经验和区块链法律倡导者Caitlin Long建立了美国第一家加密货币原生银行。随着怀俄明州立法机构的进步使其可实行。 Long之前曾帮助怀俄明州制定了十三项启用区块链的法律。

Exclusive: Does Forking Mechanism Allow for a Better Blockchain Governance Model?
Nathan Kaiser, Chairperson of the Cardano Foundation and a long-time lawyer in the technology sector, shares his views on the crypto regulatory issues in different jurisdictions and blockchain governance. In particular, Nathan examines whether forking mechanism allows for a better blockchain governance and the reason why “blockchain governance = community governance”.

Ant Unicorn: The Latest Blockchain-Powered System Filed by Alibaba in Brazil
Alibaba has continued its long term investment in blockchain technology by filing patents for real estate and insurance system. According to Industrial Property Magazine, the Chinese tech giant, Alibaba, has applied for the patent in Brazil. And with this investment, Alibaba has diversified its investment portfolio into real estate, insurance, and financial services.

Meet the FinTech Entrepreneur: Co-Founder of FinFabrik, Florian Matthaeus Spiegl
There has been a lack of innovation and digitization in the capital market systems, we sat down with Florian Spiegl, the Chief Operating Officer of FinFabrik in Hong Kong, to explore his journey from the traditional capital markets industry to the new modern digital space. FinFabrik, a start-up focused on bridging the gap between the traditional financial markets and the digitization of assets has come a long way helping institutions to digitize illiquid and alternative assets.   

Nobel Laureate Prof Banerjee - Applying RCT to Financial Inclusion
Economists have long theorized on and sought to implement initiatives to increase financial inclusion. What are some of the policy initiatives developing countries should adopt to drive financial reform? What effect have initiatives had thus far in facilitating this financial transformation? Prof Banerjee will speak at the Asian Financial Forum on January 14th and explain his team's groundbreaking application of randomized control testing to inclusive finance.

Unveiling the Top 5 Surprising Views on Blockchain by AFF leaders
Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, fintech and virtual assets will be at the centre of many of the discussions and we have selected a few of the speakers that we are most intrigued by and some that our readers may not realize are important or outspoken in the blockchain and crypto space. We have purposely excluded the usual suspects—if you don’t know what PWC’s Henri Arslanian thinks about crypto by now, we really can’t help you.

The Rise of Massively Multiplayer Online Games Being Built on Blockchain
Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games have existed for a long time, but these games currently suffer from the same inherent flaws as many other online assets: centralization. Blockchain technology is slowly emerging as a disruptive force in the market, resolving troublesome issues like in-game cheating, and restoring freedom for players around the globe.

Catch Lil Bubble at BlockShow Asia 2019
BlockShow Asia 2019 powered by Cointelegraph will bring together experts, media and PR persons, startups as well as investors. This year’s BlockShow Asia is being celebrated as a Festival of Decentralized Technology and there will certainly be elements of entertainment in the two day long conference. An exciting development announced by BlockShow is that Lil Bubble who shot to fame due to his parody of Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road titled ‘All Time Lows’ has been roped in for BlockShow Asia 2019.

Blockstream Samson Mow on Scalability: Bitcoins are Tanks while Altcoins are Bicycles
Towards the end of 2017, the cryptocurrency market was in a state of delirium. Bitcoin set record price after record price and reached a peak of around $20,000 USD per token. During this market frenzy, a huge issue long-suspected by educated developers was finally revealed—the bitcoin network had become overloaded and was running against the limits of its capacity, unable to scale beyond seven transactions per second.

Exclusive: Who Should Be the "Bitcoin Cash Jesus"?
In the second half of our interview, ‘Bitcoin Jesus” revealed his “Bitcoin Cash Jesus” who made remarkable contribution to BCH development! He also shared his insights on the recent widespread delisting of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV).

Ethereum Co-Founder: Facebook Not Fit to be Libra’s Driving Force
Joseph Lubin, Ethereum’s co-founder, has asserted that Facebook should not spearhead the Libra project based on the concerns raised about its reputation. Exchange Collaborates With Changelly For Seamless Crypto Swaps
Changelly cryptocurrency exchange platform partneres with Exchange, a new cryptocurrency exchange in the crypto market to ensure that customers enjoy seamless swapping of cryptocurrencies

Latin America’s Largest Investment Bank Boosts Tezos with 1Bn STO
Banco BTG Pactual S.A. (BTG Pactual), the largest investment bank in Latin America, plans to conduct a deal pipeline of over $1 bn security token offerings (STO) onto the Tezos blockchain. The announcement was revealed by the joint press release published on the website of Tezos Foundation on 3 July.

Can Blockchain Fix the Housing Crisis in the UK?
Brikcoin is a very ambitious project. It seeks to tackle the chronic shortage of quality social housing in the UK. Actually, it is not just a lack of quality social housing but a lack of any social housing. Currently there are approximately 6,000 social homes built every year in the UK. This sounds fine until you understand that 120,000 are needed annually. The gap is huge and growing year on year. Governments, banks, local authorities, county councils are all stymied. In fact, they seem to be playing by an old set of rules that no longer works into today’s environment. The answer has been to sell off public land (from the public purse) to private developers. Often there is some requirement for private developers to build a percentage of social houses but equally as often this percentage is whittled down to a negligible number- if any at all. So the public purse is leaching its land to private capitalism without any long term benefit to the citizens.

China’s Central Bank Digital Currency Research Unit Signs Deal with Huawei
The Chinese central bank, People’s Bank of China’s (PBoC) Digital Currency Research Institute has signed an agreement with multinational telecommunications giant Huawei.

Weekly Market Snapshot - June 17,2019
Here is what you need to know about the crypto market last week!