Nasdaq Launched Institutional Crypto Pricing Product with CryptoCompare

作者: Henry Chan   Jun 14, 2019 1 分钟阅读

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The second-largest stock exchange, Nasdaq partnered with crypto data provider CryptoCompare to launch a cryptocurrency pricing product called “Nasdaq/CryptoCompare Aggregate Crypto Reference Prices” targeting institutional investors, as revealed by Cointelegraph on 11 June.

The new cryptocurrency pricing product aims to strengthen the capabilities of institutional investor in areas of crypto markets such as trading strategy, quantitative research, risk modelling, NAV calculation and back-testing.

Investors will be able to access the cryptocurrency pricing product in Nasdaq’s platform, Quandl. The new product is based on the aggregate index datasets from CryptoCompare where the datasets provide pricing data in crypto markets with the highest liquidity. Charles Hayter, CEO of CryptoCompare argued that reliable data is necessary for institutional investors and traders to stay competitive. He added “reliable data is the bedrock of transparent, liquid markets.”

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