Our Columnists

Aleksandar Svetski
Building Amber. Editor @ http://bitcointimes.news Value, Time, Property & Production Maximalist.
Alexandra Cernian
I am lecturer at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers (University “Politehnica” of Bucharest) since 2007. I hold a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering and gained significant experience in teaching ...
Alo Kingsley
A blockchain/cryptocurrency enthusiast and writer with immense interest in the decentralized power inherent in cryptocurrencies and the growth of the disruptive innovation of blockchain in, Africa.
Amram Carciente
I was born and raised in Venezuela, I moved to israel for 6 motnhs, now living in NY as a citizen.
Brian D Nibley
Brian Dean Nibley is a freelance writer based out of California. He specializes in topics relating to finance, technology, and cryptocurrency/blockchain. He has created white papers, blog posts, web c...
Brian Njuguna
Brian is an accomplished corporate writer and entrepreneur based in Nairobi, Kenya. He has a penchant for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency and holds a Bachelors of Economics & Statistics, Second Class Up...
Dennis Hauck
Blockchain Evangelist and Artificial Intelligence Fan
Elise Marie Leise
Blockchain copywriter, techno-philosopher, crypto geek.
Fernando Sanchez
I don’t need an alarm clock. My ideas wake me, said Ray Bradbury and, just as Mr. Bradbury’s mind teemed with ideas, Fernando often finds himself waking up to the otherworldly chimes that herald the a...
Geoffrey Gardiner
Geoffrey is a Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Publishing media for Altcoin magazine, Bitboycrypto, Blockchain news, Cryptoninja and Unidax Exchange.
George Mtimba
George is a professional financial trader, trading with a variety of European, US, and Asian markets.
Hugo Jacques
Key Advisor, ICO Bench expert, Investor, CEO at Blockchain impact. +55M$ raised with 3 projects in winter blockchain season. Trusted by the top blockchain organizations.
Jack Huang
Founder at ELICONN | Communications Specialist | UN Consultant | Public Speaker | Media Columnist & Writer | Partnership Facilitator
Jay Zhou
Jay is a serial entrepreneur and co founder of Loopring. Loopring Protocol is a decentralized exchange protocol.
Jillian Godsil
Blockchain Advocate, Founder, Conference Chair, Women in Blockchain Advocate, Keynote Speaker, Crypto Journalist, Broadcaster, CEO, Writer, Homelessness Advocate, Former European Parliament Candidate,...
Kavita Gupta
Crypto & Blockchain Journalist. Content Writer. Editor. Digital Marketing Professional. PR & Media Relations Expert.
Morne Olivier
Freelance Writer | Content Creation and Digital Media Marketing for Blockchain Technology Let me help you Create Content
Nicholas Otieno
Nicholas Otieno is a web-writer and software developer enthusiast. When his is not working with clients, he enjoys working with online publications.
NKB Group
NKB operates as a full-service investment bank focused on blockchain technology. We are a one-stop solution for our clients - opening the new world of crypto assets and delivering it via the best prac...
Patricia Dixon
Patricia Dixon works as a Business Analyst at Blockchain App Factory. She has a masters degree in history but prefers to archive and examine all things digital or technical. During the weekends, you m...
Prof. Francis C.M. Lau
Associate dean of the Faculty of Engineering, responsible for development and external relations.
Prof. Zhihui Du
My research focuses on the research and development of cluster systems.