Germany: FinTech Startup Releases Digital Securities on Blockchain

作者: George Mtimba   Jun 03, 2019 1 分钟阅读

According to a statement, Cashlink wants to demonstrate the functionality of its own product with a private placement to an existing investors FinLab , Panta Rhei and Deplanis.

In the future, the FinTech startup will also enable other companies to digitize their shares and transfer them via so-called Security Token Offerings (STO), as Michael Duttlinger, co-founder and managing director of Cashlink, explains:

"With issuance of digital equity for venture capital investors, we have shown how startups can easily provide their investors with an additional form of capital: a fully digital investment with a very simplified investment process via indirect, virtual participation."

In early April were Cash Link's partnership with Agora Startup to jointly create a secure ecosystem for digital Securities.

The Berlin startup Bitbond, which is considered as  German Pinoier for the issuance of security tokens, was the first German company to receive a license from the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) to issue digitized securities at Blockchain earlier this year.

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