Blockchain Influencer Series Campaign

We are looking for Blockchain Influencers!

The Blockchain Influencer Series Campaign aims to gather influencers with the purpose of raising public awareness of blockchain and cryptocurrencies with engaging and eye-catching content!

Once you are selected as one of the Top 5 selected influencers published on our social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium), you will receive crypto through our Contribution Points Scheme (“CP Scheme”). Each winner will receive a prize of 500 Contribution Points (“CP”).

For the first part of your application, you will need to retweet (or share) and like the official campaign announcement post created by the Blockchain News official account (LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook ). The next step will be to sign up for an account with Blockchain.News. Completing all parts of the form is integral to your application. When you are ready to submit your content to us, the third and final step will be to send an email to, with your full name, Blockchain.News account username, as well as the content you wish to submit.

NOTE: According to the CP Scheme: 100 CP = 10 USD

Application Guidelines

We welcome any topics related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. It would be best if the topics are related to current hot topics and convey an engaging story to our readers!

Guidelines for our video/article content:
  • No advertisements or promotional materials
  • The content must be in English only
  • Must be original content that is not posted anywhere else before
Suggestions related to covered content:
  • Can be related to your experiences with cryptocurrencies or blockchain
  • Content should be:
    - No longer than 1 min for video content
    - Less than 500 words for written posts
  • Interesting use-cases of blockchain
  • Mind-blowing statistics of blockchain and cryptocurrencies

For any interested parties, please create an account on Blockchain News via this link. In the event that you are selected, you will be eligible to receive crypto (in the form of Contribution Points or “CP”) into your account. Once you have registered an account with our website, you can send us your videos/articles to The email subject should include the words “Blockchain.News Influencer Series - Application” and please also include your account username and full name in the content of the email. All information will be used solely for the purposes of this campaign.

Important things to take note of:
  • All written and video content should be original content that has not been posted anywhere else
  • Copyrights to submitted content will go to Blockchain News upon being rewarded under this scheme. Any subsequent re-posts must have proper references to Blockchain.News
  • It will be your responsibility as the creator to be aware and informed of all legal and tax issues related to the writer and wallet owner's participation in this scheme

Please take some time to review Blockchain Influencer Series Terms and Conditions for more details. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at We look forward to hearing from you soon!

How to claim your prize:

Your awards will be credited to your account upon completion of the campaign. Please refer to the CP Scheme page for more information regarding the terms of use related to the Contribution Points Scheme. For any questions related to the withdrawal of awards, please contact us at

** Take note that all content submitted under the Contribution Points Scheme are also subject to the Writer's Guidelines and General Writer's Terms and Conditions. **

Recruitment period for Blockchain Influencer Series Campaign: 03/09/2019 12:00PM HKT to 23/09/2019 11:59PM HKT.